MSc study opportunity
We invite applications form previously disadvantaged South Africans - A phylogenetically controlled test of the function of the malar stripe in falcons using deep 3D modelling
New research into flightlessness in the Aldabra rail
A new research paper published on Aldabra’s endemic white-throated rail Dryolimnas [cuvieri] aldabranus has shown that it should be considered an evolutionary distinct species from Dryolimnas cuvieri, not a subspecies as previously thought.
Non-invasive physiological measurements in wild animals
Hot Birds students Amanda Bourne (UCT) and Emma Jepson (UP) have been developing and testing non-invasive methods for measuring physiological responses in wild birds
Unravelling francolin taxonomy
A Fitz team recently published a paper in the African journal of ornithology 'Ostrich' elevating 14 subspecies of francolins to full species status.
International recognition for Prof Wendy Foden
Prof. Wendy Foden, MSc CB graduate and now Fitz Honorary Research Associate received the George Rabb Award for Conservation Innovation from the Species Survival Commission (SSC) of the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN).


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