2018 Annual report now available
The 2018 FitzPatrick Institute Annual Report was approved by the Advisory Board at the AGM held on Thursday, 2 May.
African Birdlife
We have a regular feature in African Birdlife - The FitzPatrick Report. 'Hands off: The proof is in the poo' (Vol 7 (4) May/Jun 2019) Dr Susan Cunningham outlines non-invasive methods used to study physiological responses in Southern Pied Babblers.
Patterns of satellite tagged hen harrier disappearances suggest widespread illegal killing on British grouse moors
Murgatroyd, M, Redpath, S.M., Murphy, S.G., Douglas, D.J.T., Saunders, R. and Amar, A.
New Niven Librarian
Mrs Janine Dunlop took up the position of Niven Librarian to the FitzPatrick Institute on Monday March 11, 2019.
Why Africa's smallest raptor has helpers to raise its chicks
Bolopo D, Lowney AM, Thomson RL (2019) Helpers improve fledgling body condition in bigger broods of cooperatively breeding African pygmy falcon. Behavioral Ecology and Sociobiology 73: 16.


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