Resolving spurfowl taxonomy
A Fitz team recently published a paper in the African journal of ornithology Ostrich titled ‘Taxonomy, phylogeny and biogeography of African spurfowls: Galliformes, Phasianidae, Phasianinae, Coturnicini: Pternistis spp.’
Plastic poses a major environmental threat: but is it being over-stated?
Prof Peter Ryan has written a piece in to try and place the plastic pollution frenzy in context.
Volunteer field assistant, Hot Birds Project
We are looking for a field volunteer to assist with data collection on Southern Yellow-billed Hornbills in the Kuruman River Reserve.
African Birdlife
We have a regular feature in African Birdlife - The FitzPatrick Report. 'Annual Reporting' (Vol 7 (5) Jul/Aug 2019) Prof. Peter Ryan introduces our 2018 Annual Report.
2018 Annual report now available
The 2018 FitzPatrick Institute Annual Report was approved by the Advisory Board at the AGM held on Thursday, 2 May.


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