Post-Doctoral Fellowship: Spatial analysis of raptor movement data
We invite applications for a full-time post-doctoral research fellowship to analyse existing data on the movement ecology of African raptors.
MSc study opportunity
Stress in the city: aggression, corticosterone levels and breeding success in urban red-winged starlings
New research into flightlessness in the Aldabra rail
A new research paper published on Aldabra’s endemic white-throated rail Dryolimnas [cuvieri] aldabranus has shown that it should be considered an evolutionary distinct species from Dryolimnas cuvieri, not a subspecies as previously thought.
Non-invasive physiological measurements in wild animals
Hot Birds students Amanda Bourne (UCT) and Emma Jepson (UP) have been developing and testing non-invasive methods for measuring physiological responses in wild birds
Unravelling francolin taxonomy
A Fitz team recently published a paper in the African journal of ornithology 'Ostrich' elevating 14 subspecies of francolins to full species status.


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