Plastics, plastics everywhere!
A 4 lecture series on the problem of waste plastics will be offered at the UCT Summer School (Jan 14-17). The speakers are Prof. Peter Ryan, Vonica Perold and Eleanor Weideman from the FitzPatrick Institute and Aaniyah Omardien from The Beach Co-op.
MSc/PhD opportunity: Influence of ecosystem variability on Eudyptes Penguins at Marion Island
We invite applications for a MSc/PhD opportunity to study the influence of ecosystem variability on demography and reproductive performance on Eudyptes penguins at sub-Antarctic Marion Island.
African Birdlife
We have a regular feature in African Birdlife - In The FitzPatrick Report. 'Fact Finding: The IOC and big data' (Vol 7 (1) Nov/Dec 2018), Prof. Peter Ryan describes the highlights from the 27th International Ornithological Congress held in Vancouver...
Mystery of the world's smallest flightless bird solved
Using "next generation sequencing" techniques, a research team has finally solved the mystery of whether the ancestor of the Inaccessible Island Rail, the world's smallest flightless bird, had come from Africa or from South America.
Dr Petra Sumasgutner receives a L'Oréal UNESCO Women in Science award
Congratulations to FitzPatrick Institute postdoctoral fellow, Petra Sumasgutner on her L’Oréal UNESCO Austria Women in Science award. This award funded a trip to Mongolia to sample Golden Eagles.


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