Prof.David Walton - obituary
Antarctic biologist, Professor David Walton, just passed away in the UK following a massive heart attack.
Once presumed-extinct Steppe Whimbrel photographed in Mozambique
Our photograph made the cover of the latest Wader Study. The Fitz is involved in a study of the identification of one of the world’s rarest birds and hopes to become more involved in discovering the last remaining breeding grounds of this migrant.
African Birdlife
We have a regular feature in African Birdlife - The FitzPatrick Report. 'Stressed birds' (Vol 7 (2) Jan/Feb 2019) details current studies by students from both the FitzPatrick Institute and the University of Pretoria on stress in birds.
Mystery of the world's smallest flightless bird solved
Using "next generation sequencing" techniques, a research team has finally solved the mystery of whether the ancestor of the Inaccessible Island Rail, the world's smallest flightless bird, had come from Africa or from South America.


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