First issue of Afrotropical Bird Biology: Journal of the Natural History of African Birds released
This is an open-access, peer-reviewed e-journal associated with and supported by the John Voelcker Bird Book, BirdLife South Africa and the FitzPatrick Institute.
Fitz Director, Peter Ryan on the Arctic Century Expedition
Peter Ryan joined the Arctic Century expedition to the Russian Arctic to study the plastic pollution of the region and document the region's birds and marine mammals.
New paper: The impacts of high temperatures on rockjumper chicks
Krista Oswald's PhD research on the impact of high temperatures in the Cape Fold mountains on rockjumper chicks was featured on the cover of the Journal of Avian Biology (52)8.
A/Prof Arjun Amar interviewed by The Biome Project
Former MSc CB student Kate Sheridan and co-host Emma Hodson interviewed Arjun on raptor persecution, driven grouse shooting, and upland management in the UK for The Biome Project.
Study finds that ships are illegally dumping plastic bottles
A new study found that ships are a major source of plastic bottles littering South African beaches. The findings, published in Environmental Pollution, also show that some bottles drift across the Indian Ocean from southeast Asia.


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