New paper published in Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment
A paper from the Fitz and the ANU describes how behavioural changes for thermoregulation carry opportunity costs with implications for fitness, population persistence and ecosystem function.
Unpleasant meals may help manage crow predation on bird nests
Crows are notorious for robbing eggs and chicks from other birds nests, especially where crow numbers have been boosted by human activity. Angela Ferguson's research indicates one way to stop the marauding crows.
Sensing good vibrations: a remarkable sensory organ in the beaks of ancient fossil birds
Newly published research shows how one of the most ancient groups of birds (from the time of the dinosaurs) was able to detect minute mechanical vibrations in the soil using their beaks referred to as remote-touch.
The 2020 MSc Conservation Biology class finally get into the field again!
They went on a 5-day trip to the Grootbos Environmental Centre in the heart of a thriving conservancy.
New paper from Robin Colyn's work on the critically endangered White-winged Flufftail
A new paper describes the use of a camera trap and acoustic survey design to ascertain the vocalization and breeding status of the highly elusive White-winged Flufftail.


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