The 2020 MSc Conservation Biology class finally get into the field again!
They went on a 5-day trip to the Grootbos Environmental Centre in the heart of a thriving conservancy.
New paper from Robin Colyn's work on the critically endangered White-winged Flufftail
A new paper describes the use of a camera trap and acoustic survey design to ascertain the vocalization and breeding status of the highly elusive White-winged Flufftail.
Congratulations to Dr Susie Cunningham on her UCT College of Fellows’ Young Researcher Award
The Young Researcher Award is offered annually in recognition of outstanding scholarly work by young academics who have made significant independent contributions to research in their field.
Common Bulbuls time moult to the onset of rains in each locality
Dr Chima Nwaogu's paper published in the 'Journal of Ornithology' investigates whether the timing of the moult of Common Bulbuls is related to the onset of rains.
Animal Behaviour Community Africa
The wealth of animal behaviour knowledge in Africa needs to be shared. Funding obstacles and limited access to information make this challenging leading to the launch of ANIMAL BEHAVIOUR COMMUNITY AFRICA


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