Davide Gaglio wins BMC Ecology 2016 image competition
Fitz PhD student Davide Gaglio has won the BMC Ecology 2016 image competition
Reciprocal comunication in human-honeyguide mutualism
A study in the 1980s confirmed that honeyguides communicate with humans, now new work by researchers shows that humans communicate back to honeyguides. This research has recently been published in Science.
Martial Eagle filmed for TV series found dead
A female Martial Eagle from the Kruger National Park, who starred in Fierce, a British wildlife television series, has been found dead in a snare set by subsistence hunters in Mozambique.
June 2016 Graduation
Congratulations to our PhD graduates, Meg Murgatroyd, Dominic Henry and Chevonne Reynolds who were capped at the June 2016 Science Faculty graduation ceremony. We also had 1 MSc and 11 CB MSc students graduating.
African Birdlife
We have a regular feature in African Birdlife - The FitzPatrick Report. Our latest article (Jul/Aug 2016) highlights our Annual Report, which is available for download from our website.



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