Employment opportunity with BirdLife South Africa
Mouse-Free Marion Project Manager - BirdLife SA seeks expressions of interest for a highly qualified, dedicated and dynamic Project Manager to co-ordinate and implement the Mouse-Free Marion project.
Two new papers from the Hot Birds Project
Research on Southern Pied babblers by PhD student Amanda Bourne has recently been published in the journals 'Proceedings of the Royal Society B' and 'Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution'
Managing geese on golf courses
The reluctance of golf course managers to adopt effective solutions to control the nuisance impact of Egyptian Geese is not a failure of science but rather a failure of the process of effectively mitigating a wildlife management conflict.
The importance of Proteaceae diversity to nectar-feeding birds
Nectar-feeding birds and the plants that they feed from benefit each other and they are expected to be highly dependent on each other. Anthropogenic effects on one of these parties will thus likely affect the other party, or even whole communities...
Researchers build first AI tool capable of identifying individual birds
New research demonstrates for the first time that artificial intelligence (AI) can be used to train computers to recognise individual birds, a task humans are unable to do. The research is published in the journal 'Methods in Ecology and Evolution'.


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