2017 Annual report now available
The 2017 FitzPatrick Institute Annual Report was approved by the Advisory Board at the AGM held on Thursday, 17 May.
Volunteers needed!
Looking for something to do this summer? We are looking for volunteer research assistants for Nicholas Pattinson's PhD project in the Kalahari Desert
Sir Clive Elliott - obituary
The Fitztitute's third PhD graduate, Sir Clive Elliott, passed away on 18 April at Blue Barn, his country home in Oxfordshire, United Kingdom following a six-month battle with cancer.
African Birdlife
We have a regular feature in African Birdlife - The FitzPatrick Report. 'Using Social Media: Scared skinks eavesdrop on wary weavers (Vol 6 (3) May/June 2018) details PhD student Anthony Lowney's observations of skinks listening in on weaver alarm...
Niven Library Annual Book Sale
This is your chance to purchase out of print and collector's books, while at the same time supporting African ornithology.


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