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Books for sale

The excellent book collection in the Niven Library (over 6,000 titles) is the result of 50 years of donations, bequests, exchanges, review books and purchases. Known as the premier ornithological library in the southern hemisphere, the library supplies African ornithological information to all corners of the world as well as supporting academic African ornithology and the birding public.

As the library receives ongoing donations, many of which are duplicates, the book sale is a permanent library fund-raising initiative - as long as there are suitable books to sell! If you would like to donate books to the library for the book sale, please contact the Librarian.

If you would like to purchase out-of-print and collector’s books while at the same time supporting African ornithology, browse through the list and contact the Librarian to arrange payment.

Books for sale at the Niven Library: (List organised alphabetically by Author.)

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  • A

    Author, Year, Title, Publisher Price (ZAR)  
    Acworth, B.  1955. Bird and butterfly mysteries: realities of migration. London. Eyre & Spottiswoode   64  
    African Seabird Group.  1981. Proceedings of the Symposium on Birds of the Sea and Shore held at the University of Cape Town, 19-21 November 1979. Cape Town : African Seabird Group.  95  
    Albany Museum.  1931.  Guide to the vertebrate fauna of the eastern Cape Province  part 1 : mammals and birds.  Albany Museum 90  
    Alexander, W B 1955. Birds of the ocean : a handbook for voyagers containing descriptions of all the seabirds of the world, with notes on their habits and guide to their identification. London : Putnam   24  
    Alexander, W.B. 1959. Die vögel der mere: ein taschenbuch für ornithologen und naturfreunde über alle seevögel der welt. Hamburg: Paul Parey. 50  
    Allan, D.  [1998].  Birding in Southern KwaZulu-Natal. [s.l.].  Hibiscus Coast and Country Publicity Association.  20  
    Alston, M.  1937.  Wanderings of a bird-lover in Africa.  London.  H F &  G Witherby.   95  
    Alston, M.  1951.  Sunbirds and Jacarandas.  a bird-lover in Rhodesia.  Cape Town.  Juta.  117  
    Ambrose, D., Maphisa, D.H.  1999.  Guide to the birds of the Roma campus, National University of Lesotho.  Roma.  National University of Lesotho.  80  
    American Ornithologists' Union. 1983. Check-list of North American birds. the species of birds of North America from the Arctic through Panama, including the West Indies and Hawaiian Islands. 6th ed. American Ornithologists' Union.    296  
    Anderson, M.D., Kruger, R. Northern Cape Department of Tourism, Environment and Conservation. 2004. Raptor conservation in the Northern Cape Province. 3rd ed. Northern Cape Department of Tourism, Environment and Conservation.  40  
    Armstrong, E.A. 1947. Bird display and behaviour. London: Lindsay Drummond. 26. 36  
    Atkinson-Willes, G.L.  1963.  Wildfowl in Great Britain.  a survey of the winter distribution of the Anatidae and their conservation in England, Scotland and Wales.  London.  Her Majesty's Stationery Office.  35  
    Audubon, J.J. 1946. The birds of America. New York : Macmillan  58 SOLD
    Austin, O.L. 1971. Families of birds. New York : Golden Press.  27  
    Austin, O.L., and Singer, A. ill. 1961. Birds of the world, a survey of the twenty-seven orders and one hundred and fifty-five families. New York. Golden Press.  2 copies  48  
    Avella, F.J., ed. 1997.  Atles dels aucells nidificants de Mallorca i Cabrera : (1983-1994) = The atlas of breeding birds in Mallorca and Cabrera (1983-1994).  139  
  • B

    Author, Year, Title, Publisher Price (ZAR)  
    Baker, N.E., comp. 1996. Tanzania waterbird count : the first coordinated count on the major wetlands of Tanzania. Tanzania : Wildlife Conservation Society of Tanzania 50  
    Banko, W.E. 1960. The Trumpeter Swan, its history, habits, and population in the United States. Washington. U.S. Government Printing Office.   22  
    Bannerman, D.A. 1953. Birds of west and equatorial Africa. vol 1 : Struthionidae to Picidae. Edinburgh. Oliver &  Boyd.  95 SOLD
    Bannerman, D.A. 1953. Birds of west and equatorial Africa. vol 2 : Eurylaemidae to Ploceidae. Edinburgh. Oliver &  Boyd. .  95 SOLD
    Bannerman, D.A., and Gronvold H, ill. 1958. Larger birds of west Africa. London. Penguin Books. 195p.  52  
    Barrett, J.  1994. Proceedings coastal oil spills, Effect on penguin communities and rehabilitation procedures.  Milnerton.  Cape Nature Conservation.   40  
    Barruel, P. 1953-1954. Iconographie des oiseaux de France. [Paris]. Société Ornithologique de France. - 2 loose leaf folders ; colour plates.  100  
    Barruel, P. 1954. Birds of the world, their life and habits. London. Harrap.   29  
    Bartlett, D., and Bartlett J.  1975.  Flight of the snow geese.  London.  Collins  Harvill Press.  29  
    Bartonek, J.C., and Nettleship, D.N.  1979. Conservation of marine birds of northern North America.  papers from the International symposium held at Hyatt House, Seattle, Washington, 13-15 May 1975. Washington. United States. Department of the Interior.  44  
    Bauer, K. [1967]. Vogelparadiese der Welt. Innsbruck. Pinguin Verlag.   80  
    Beaman, M. 1994. Palearctic birds. a checklist of the birds of Europe, North America and Asia north of the. Stonyhurst. Harrier Publications.   60  
    Beilfuss, R.D., Tarboton, W.R., and Gichuk,i N.N. 1996. Proceedings of the 1993 African Crane and Wetland Training Workshop, 8-15 August 1993, Wildlife Training Institute, Maun, Botswana. Baraboo, Wisconsin. International Crane Foundation.  100  
    Belcher, C.F.  1930.  Birds of Nyasaland. being a classified list of the species recorded for the Nyasaland Protectorate up to the year 1930, with brief descriptions and field notes, and a map.  London.  Technical Press.   100  
    Beletsky, L. 2006. Collins birds of the world: the most complete guide to every bird family in the world, Albatrosses to wrens. United Kingdom: Collins  31 SOLD
    Bennun, L.,  and Njoroge, P.  1999.  Important bird areas in Kenya.  Nairobi.  Nature Kenya.   97  
    Benson, C.W.  1953.  A check list of the birds of Nyasaland.  Blantyre.  Nyasaland Society.  102  
    Benson, C.W., White, C.M.N.  1957.  Checklist of the birds of Northern Rhodesia.  Lusaka.  Department of Game and Tsetse Control 80  
    Bent, A.C. 1962. Life histories of North American wildfowl. parts 1 & 2. New York. Dover Publications  142  
    Bent, A.C. 1963. Life histories of North American gulls and terns. New York. Dover Company.  30  
    Bent, A.C. United States National Museum. 1962. Life histories of North American shorebirds, Willets, Oyster catchers, Tattlers, Plovers, Curlews and others (vol 1). Life histories of North American shorebirds, Phalaropes, Snipes, Woopdcocks, Sandpipers, Godwits and others (vol 2). New York. Dover Publications. 27  
    Bent, A.C. United States National Museum. 1963. Life histories of North American marsh birds. New York. Dover Publications.   26  
    Berlioz, J. 1962. Les Oiseaux. Paris. Presses Universitaire de France.  20  
    Berruti, A.  1980.  Birds of Lake St. Lucia.  Benmore. Southern Birds.  109  
    Berruti, A., and Sinclair, J.C. Where to watch birds in southern Africa. Cape Town: C. Struik Publishers  30  
    Biber, O., Enggist, P., Marti, C., Salathe, T.  1995.  Conservation of the white stork western population proceedings of the International Symposium on the White Stork (Western Population).  Sempach,Switzerland.  Schweizerische Vogelwarte.  365  
    Birkhead, M., Perrins, C. 1986. The Mute Swan. London. Croom Helm.  81  
    Blair, J. [1949].  Birds of coast and sea:  a popular handbook and illustrated guide.  London.  W.  R. Chambers.   47  
    Block, W.M. 1994. Northern Goshawk : ecology and management. 109  
    Bolster, R.C. 1931. Land and sea birds of the south-west Cape. Cape Town: Speciality Press of S. Africa.  142  
    Boshoff, A.F, Anderson, M.D., Borello, W.D. Workshop on Vulture Research and Conservation in Southern Africa (1997 : Kimberley). 1998. Vultures in the 21st century. proceedings of a workshop on vulture research and conservation in southern Africa, McGregor Museum, Kimberley, South Arica, 23-26 October 1997. Johannesburg. Vulture Study Group.  100  
    Brain, C.K. (Bob) 1998. Austin Roberts : a lifelong devotion to South Africa's birds and beasts. Cape Town : Trustees of the John Voelcker Bird Book Fund  197  
    Brand, D.J.  1961. A comparative study of the Cape teal (Anas capensis gmelin) and the Cape shoveller (spatula capensis eyton) , with special reference to breeding biology, development and food requirements  South Africa  University of South Africa.   30  
    Brandt, J.F. von, Loppenthin, B.  1984. Johann Friedrich von Brandt: Icones avium rossico-americanarum tabulae, Seven unpublished plates depicting Russian-American birds. Copenhagen. Scandinavian Fine Editions. 70p ; 7 col. plates.  675  
    Briggs, K.T. et al. 1987. Bird communities at sea off California: 1975 tp 1983. Cooper Ornithological Society. Studies in Avian Biology No 11.  138  
    Broekhuysen, G.J. 1970. Birds around us : the commoner birds of southern Africa. Cape Town : Howard Timmins  50  
    Broekhuysen, G.J., Perry, J., ill. 1969. Field-guide to the birds of the South African sea-shore. Cape Town. Howard Timmins.   65  
    Brooke, R.K. (Richard Kendall), 1930-1996. 1984. South African red data book - birds. Pretoria. CSIR.  66  
    Brothers, Nigel. 199? Longline fishing: dollars and sense.  Parks & Wildlife Service, Tasmania.  198  
    Brown, L.  1959.  Mystery of the flamingos.  London.  Country Life.  49  
    Brown, L.  1976.  Birds of prey.  their biology and ecology.  London.  Hamlyn.  31  
    Brown, L.  1976.  Eagles of the world.  Cape Town.  Purnell.  25  
    Brown, L. (Leslie Hilton), 1917-1980.  1979.  Encounters with nature.  Oxford.  Oxford University Press.  28  
    Brown, L. (Leslie Hilton), 1917-1980., Fennessy R, ill.,  1975. Birds of the African bush. London. Collins. 127  
    Brown, L. 1980. The African Fish Eagle. Cape Town. Purnell  Sons.   5 copies  92  
    Brown, L.H., and Britton, P.L.  1980.  Breeding seasons of east African birds.  Nairobi.  East Africa Natural History Society.  124  
    Brown, L.R., Renner, M., and Flavin, C. 1998. Vital signs: the environmental trends that are shaping our future. United Kingdom: Earthscan  29  
    Brown, R.G.B., Nettleship, D.N., Germain, P., Tull, C.E., and Davis, T.  1975.  Atlas of eastern Canadian seabirds.  Ottawa.  Canadian Wildlife Service.   57  
    Bruch, A., Elvers, H., Pohl, Ch., Westphal, D., Witt, K.  1978. Die vogel in Berlin (west)  Eine Ubersicht. Berlin. Ornithologischer Bericht fur Berlin (west).  70  
    Bull, P.C. 1968. Common birds of garden and farmland. Bull, P.C. Wellington, N.Z. Department of Education.  88  
    Bunning, L.J. 1977. Birds of the Melville Koppies Nature Reserve.  72  
    Burton, R. 1985. Bird behaviour. London : Granada  34  
  • C

    Author, Year, Title, Publisher Price (ZAR)   
    Caltex. 1980. Know your birds : a pocket guide ornithology. [s.l.] : Caltex.  72 SOLD
    Caltex. 1980. Know your birds of prey : a pocket guide to the habits and distribution of our birds of prey. Cape Town : Caltex.  72  
    Caltex. 1980. Know your water birds : river and estuary birds, coastal birds.  72  
    Camarillo, CA : Cooper Ornithological Society. Studies in Avian Biology no.16  109  
    Camarillo, CA : Cooper Ornithological Society. Studies in Avian Biology no.17  32  
    Camarillo, CA : Cooper Ornithological Society. Studies in Avian Biology no.19     220  
    Cape Department of Nature Conservation. [195?]. Protected birds of the Cape Province. Cape Town. Cape Department of Nature Conservation. 91p ; colour plates.  29  
    Carlson A; Aulen G.  International Woodpecker Symposium (1st : 1989 : Uppsala).  1990.  Conservation and management of woodpecker populations.  proceedings of the First International Woodpecker Symposium held in.  Uppsala.  Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences.  167  
    Cayley, N.W. 1948. What bird is that? a guide to the birds of Australia. 13th ed. Sydney. Angus &  Robertson. 319p.   14  
    Chambers, L.E.  Bureau of Meteorology Research Centre, Australia.  2004.  The impact of climate on Little Penguin breeding success.  Melbourne.  Bureau of Meteorology.  20  
    Chancellor, R.D.  World Conference on Birds of Prey (1975 : Vienna).  1975.  Report of Proceedings of the World Conference on Birds of Prey, Vienna, 1-3 October 1975.  London.  ICBP.   129  
    Chapman, G.  1969.  Common city birds of Australia.  Melbourne.  Lansdown Press.  36  
    Cheke, R.A., and Walsh, J.F. 1996. The birds of Togo. BOU Checklist No. 14. United Kingdom: British Ornithologists’ Union  14  
    Chinery, M. Ed. 1993. Complete guide to the wildlife of Britain and Europe. Surrey: Kingfisher Books  26  
    Clarke, P., and Clarke, M. 1995. 3rd ed. Where to watch birds in East Anglia. London: Christopher Helm 10  
    Cohen, E.  1963. Nestboxes. Revised ed. Oxford. British Trust for Ornithology.   47  
    Cooke, F., and Buckley, P.A.  1987.  Avian genetics.  a population and ecological approach.  London.  Academic Press.  97  
    Cooper, J. Ed. 1981. Proceedings of the symposium on birds of the sea and shore. Cape Town: African Seabird Group  95  
    Costanza, R., Norton, B.G., and Haskell, B.D. 1992. Ecosystem health: new goals for environmental management. Washington: Island Press  29  
    Cottrell, J.A.  1970.  Black Eagle fly free.  Cape Town.  Purnell.   47  
    Coues, E. 1890. Handbook of field and general ornithology, a manual of the structure and classification of birds. London. Macmillan. 343p. 104  
    Coward, T.A. 1912. The migration of birds. 1st ed. Cambridge. Cambridge University Press.   23  
    Cramp, S., Bourne, W.R.P., Saunders, D. 1976. The seabirds of Britain and Ireland. 3rd ed. London. Collins.  25  
    Crawford, R., and Dyer, B. 2000.Wildlife of Robben Island. Bright Continent Guide 1. Cape Town: Avian Demography Unit  30  
    Cruickshank, A.D. 1960. A pocket guide to brds: hot to identify and enjoy them. New York: Washington Square Press  16  
    Curry-Lindahl, K.  1961. Exploration du Parc National Albert et du Parc National de la Kagera II. Mission K. Curry-Lindahl (1951-1952, 1958-1959), Fascicule 1. Contribution a l'etude des vertebrates terrestres en Afrique tropicale.  Bruxelles.  Institut des Parcs Nationaux du Congo et du Ruanda-Urundi.   151  
    Curry-Lindahl, K.  1975. Fåglar över land och hav, en global översikt av fåglarnas flyttning. Birds over land and sea, A global overview of bird migration.  Stockholm.  Albert Bonniers Forlag.   95  
    Curson, J., Quinn, D., Beadle D. 1994. New world warblers. London: Christopher Helm.  335  
  • D-E

    Author, Year, Title, Publisher Price (ZAR)
    Dalton, Stephen. 1989. At the water’s edge: the secret life of a lake and stream. London: Century  32
    De Swardt, D.H.  1990.  Birds of the Gustav Klingbiel Nature Reserve and Sterkspruit area,  Benmore.  Southern Birds.   111
    De Villiers, M.S. 2009. Birds and environmental change: building an early warning system in South Africa. Pretoria: SANBI 15
    Delacour J.  1966.  Guide des oiseaux de la Nouvelle-Caledonie et de ses dependances.  Paris.  Editions Delachaux  Niestle.   103
    Dennis, N, and Tarboton, W. 1993. Waterbirds: birds of southern Africa’s wetlands. Cape Town: Struik  114
    DeSante, D.F. 1980. The avifauna of the South Farallon Islands, California.  20
    Devilliers, P. 1988. Atlas des oiseaux nicheurs de Belgique = Atlas of breeding birds in Belgium. Bruxelles : Institut Royal des Sciences Naturelles de Belgique  138
    Dobinson, H.M.  1976.  Bird count.  a practical guide to bird surveys.  Middlesex.  Penguin.  10
    Dodman, T., comp., De Vaan, C., comp., Hubert, E., comp., Nivet, C., comp.  Wetlands International.  1997.  African waterfowl census 1997. Les Denombrements Internationaux d'oiseau.  Wageningen, The Netherlands.  Wetlands International.   72
    Dodman, T., comp., Taylor, V., comp.  Wetlands International.  1996.  African waterfowl census 1996. Les Denombrements Internationaux.  Wageningen, The Netherlands.  Wetlands International.  72
    Dolgushin, I.A. 1960. The birds of Kazakhstan Vol. 1. Alma-Ata. Academy of Sciences of the Kazakh SSR. This book is in Russian with Cyrillic text. 50
    Dr Jack. 1999. The completely complete Dr Jack's South African byrd book. Gardenview : Spearhead Press  75
    Edinburgh, Duke of. 1962. Birds from Britannia. London. Longmans, Green.  2 copies  27
    Ehrlich, P R. 1988.The birder's handbook : a field guide to the natural history of North American birds. New York : Simon and Schuster.  28
    Eising, C. 2004. Mother knows best?  costs and benefits of differential maternal hormone allocation in birds. Haren. University of Groningen.   190
    Erritzoe, J. 1993. Birds of CITES and how to identify them. Cambridge : Lutterworth Press.  49
    Etchécopar, R.D., Hüe, F. 1964. Oiseaux du nord de l'Afrique. de la Mer Rouge aux canaries. Paris. N. Boubee.  148
    Everett, B.I., van der Elst, R.P., Schleyer, M.H. Oceanographic Research Institute; WWF-SA; South African Association for Marine Biological Research. 2008. A natural history of the Bazaruto Archipelago, Mozambique. Marine Parade, Durban. SAAMBR.   243
  • F

    Author, Year, Title, Publication Details Price (ZAR)
    Fairbairn W A.  1933.  Some common birds of west Africa.  Lagos.  Church Missionary Society Bookshop.    30
    Fairbairn W A. 1952. Some game birds of west Africa. Edinburgh. Oliver and Boyd. 92p.  10
    Farkas, T. 1967. Ornithogeographie ungarns = Ornithogeography of Hungary.  84
    Feare, C.  1984. The Starling. Oxford. Oxford University Press.  20
    Ferrer, M., Janss, G.F.E. 1999. Birds and power lines. collision, electrocution and breeding. Madrid. Quercus.  200
    Findlay, D., Bird, A. 1959. South African birds, 12 colour plates. 1st series, 1st printing, 1st folio. Johannesburg. South African Natural History Publication.   743
    Finlayson, M. (ed.) 1992. Managing Mediterranean wetlands and their birds : proceedings of a symposium on managing Mediterranean wetlands and their  155
    Finn, F. [1915]. Bird behaviour, psychical and physiological. London. Hutchinson. 363p.    55
    Fisher, J.  1939.  Birds as animals.  London.  William Heinemann.   50
    Fisher, J.  1947/1951.  Bird recognition.  vol 1: seabirds and waders & 2 : birds of prey and water-fowl.  Melbourne.  Penguin Books.   40
    Fisher, J.  1966.  Shell bird book.  London.  Ebury Press and Michael Joseph.  15
    Fisher, J. & Lockley, R.M.  1954.  Sea-birds.  an introduction to the natural history of the sea-birds of the North.  New Naturalist Series London.  Collins.  27
    Fisher, J. 1954. Bird recognition, vol 1 : seabirds and waders. rev. ed. Melbourne. Penguin Books. 190p.  20
    Fisher, J.,  Thorburn, A. 1967.  Thorburn's birds.  London.  Ebury Press, Michael Joseph. 3 copies  20
    Fisher, J., Peterson, R.T. 1964. The world of birds.  a comprehensive guide to general ornithology. London. Macdonald.   67
    FitzPatrick, J. Percy. 1973. Through Mashonaland with pick and pen. Africana Library. Johannesburg: AD Donker.  63
    Fleming, R.L. snr., Fleming, R.L. jnr. & Bangdel, L.S. 1976. Birds of Nepal with reference to Kashmir and Sikkim. Kathmandu, R.L. Fleming.  37
    Flint, P., and Stewart, P. 1992. The birds of Cyprus. BOU Checklist No. 6. United Kingdom: British Ornithologists’ Union  37
    Forsman, E.D., ed. 1996. Demography of the Northern Spotted Owl.  32
    Franklin, A.B., Gutiérrez, R.J., Nichols, J.D., Seamans, M.E., White, G.C., Zimmerman, G.S., Hines, E., Munton, T.E., LaHaye, W.S., Blakesley, J.A., Steger, G.N., Noon, B.R., Shaw, D.W.H., Keane, J.J., McDonald, T.L., Britting, S. American Ornithologists' Union. 2004. Population dynamics of the California Spotted Owl (Strix occidentalis occidentalis), a meta-analysis. Washington D.C. American Ornithologists' Union.   38
    Fremont, I., Culwick, R., ill.  1950.  Some birds of east Africa.  Nairobi.  Highway Press.  29
    Friend, M., Locke, L.N., Kennelly, J.J. 1985. Avian botulism. United States. Government Printing Office.   14
    Frith, H.J.  1967.  Waterfowl in Australia.  Sydney.  Angus &  Robertson.  22
  • G

    Author, Year, Title, Publisher Price (ZAR)  
    Gerrard, E.C.  1981.  Instinctive navigation of birds.  incorporating bird navigation - the sterile controversy.  Skye.  Scottish Research Group.  407  
    Gill, E.L.  1936.  First guide to South African birds.  Cape Town.  Maskew Miller.   48  
    Gill, E.L.  1945.  First guide to South African birds.  Cape Town.  Maskew Miller.   37  
    Gill, Leonard & Marion. [1949] Our Wagtails. Cape Town : CNA  22  
    Gillham, M.E.  1963.  Instructions to young ornithologists.  part 4 : sea-birds.  London.  Museum Press.   77  
    Gilliard, E.T. 1958. Living birds of the world. London : Hamish Hamilton. 25  
    Ginn, P.  1972.  Birds of the highveld.  Salisbury (Rhodesia).  Longman Rhodesia. 10  
    Ginn, P.  1973.  Birds afield.  a beginner's guide to bird watching in southern Africa.  Salisbury (Rhodesia).  Longman Rhodesia.   48  
    Ginn, P. 1974. Birds of the lowveld. Salisbury (Rhodesia). Longman Rhodesia  22  
    Ginn, P., and McIlleron, G. 1982. Watervoels van Suider-Afrika. Johannesburg: Chris van Rensburg Publikasies 40  
    Glenister, A.G. 1959. Birds of Malay Peninsula, Singapore and Penang. London. Oxford University Press.  28  
    Glutz von Blotzheim U N.  Niethammer G; Bauer K M; 1968.  Handbuch der vogel mitteleuropas.  vol. 2 : Anseriformes.  Frankfurt.  Akademische Verlagsgesellschaft  96  
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    Gvozdev, E.V. 1964. Helminth and Helminthoid parasites of Kazakh birds. Alma-Ata. Nauka (Academy of Science of the Kazakh S.S.R.).   50  
  • H

    Author, Year, Title, Publisher Price (ZAR)
    Haagner, A., Ivy, R.H. [1923]. Sketches of South African bird-life. 3rd rev. ed. Cape Town. Maskew Miller.  43
    Hall, D.G. 1983. Birds of Mataffin, Eastern Transvaal. Johannesburg : Witwatersrand Bird Club.  46
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