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Honorary Research Associate

Phoebe Barnard
BSc Hons (Acadia, Canada), MSc (Witwatersrand), PhD (Uppsala, Sweden)

Birds & Environmental Change Partnership Programme, South African National Biodiversity Institute

Tel:  +27 (0)21 799 8722
Fax: +27 (0)21 799 8705

Phoebe’s work is about why some species are more vulnerable to environmental change than others, what birds can tell us about ecosystem health and human well-being, how species move across fragmented landscapes in response to climate and land-use change, and what options we have to help them persist through the next few difficult centuries. 

Her joint UCT/SANBI research team on global change and conservation biology of fynbos endemics uses the lenses of behavioural, evolutionary, population, molecular and stress ecology in order to understand bird vulnerability in real-life and virtual landscapes. 

She has worked diverse issues, large and small -- from sexual selection in flashy African birds, energetics and behaviour of raptors in North America and southern Africa, national biodiversity and climate change strategic planning, policy and research, and the status and trends of the world’s ecosystems and their ability to support human health, livelihoods and wellbeing.

As lead climate scientist at SANBI and Fitz research associate, Phoebe works with postdoc Alan Lee, Brian Huntley and Yvonne Collingham (Durham University), Rhys Green (Cambridge University/ RSPB), Dale Wright (BirdLife South Africa), Mark Brown (Nature’s Valley Trust), Jeremy Midgley and Jacqueline Bishop (UCT), Anton Pauw and students Anina Heystek and Bongani Mnisi (Stellenbosch University), Ross Turner (University of KwaZulu-Natal), Sjirk Geerts (Cape Peninsula University of Technology) and Martine Maron (Queensland University) to understand bird vulnerability to global change, and options for increasing adaptation in fragmented landscapes.

Earlier, Phoebe founded and ran Namibia’s national biodiversity and climate change programmes, contributed to that country’s environmental observation system, to the global board and scenarios group of the Millennium Ecosystem Assessment, and she coordinated the scientific work of the Global Invasive Species Programme secretariat.  She has produced three books, numerous booklets and book chapters, and a government policy, in addition to scientific papers, and has successfully raised funds to establish a national park in Namibia.

Phoebe is currently honorary president of BirdLife South Africa (2013-2015) and serves on the editorial boards of Climate Change Responses and African Journal of Ecology.  She and two young co-editors are working on a Society for Conservation Biology book, profiling inspiring young women in African conservation biology.  She has been honoured with a Fulbright Fellowship and a Society for Conservation Biology Distinguished Service Award.

Research programmes

Climate Change Vulnerability & Adaptation

Current postdoctoral researchers and students

Postdoctoral researchers

Alan T.K. Lee: Spatial and temporal patterns of abundance and dispersal by fynbos avifauna (Supervisors: Phoebe Barnard and Peter Ryan)


Anina Heystek (U. Stellenbosch): Spatial ecology of bird pollination in the Cape Floristic Region (Supervisors: Anton Pauw and Phoebe Barnard)


Beth Mackay (UCT EGS): Urbanization and disease in Cape Sugarbirds
Rhian Ebrey (UCT PFIAO): Climate and habitat modelling for bird species in southern Africa (truncated)

Earlier postdoctoral researchers and students

Postdoctoral researchers

Clelia Sirami: Global changes and bird community responses to vegetation structure in southern Africa (2007-2010, Supervisors: Phoebe Barnard, Guy Midgley)


Seb Rahlao: Current and future vulnerability of South African ecosystems to perennial grass invasion under global change scenarios (2006-09, Supervisors: Karen Esler, Sue Milton, Phoebe Barnard)

Thabiso Mokotjomela: Bird dispersal of invasive alien plants in changing climates: emerging invaders in South Africa (2008-10, Supervisors: Karen Esler, Charles Musil, Phoebe Barnard)

Sally Hofmeyr: Impacts of environmental change on large terrestrial bird species in South Africa: insights from citizen science data (2008-12, Supervisors: Les Underhill, Phoebe Barnard)


Loïc Chalmandrier: Fire impact on bird communities of the Cape fynbos (2008-09, Supervisors: Clelia Sirami, Phoebe Barnard)

Anina Heystek:  Spatial ecology of bird pollination in the Cape Floristic Region (upgraded)


Anina Heystek: Competition for pollination structures in Erica communities (2011, Supervisors: Anton Pauw, Phoebe Barnard)

Lara Croxford: Avians versus arthropods: what really pollinates Protea lepidocarpodendron? (2011, Supervisors: Anton Pauw, Phoebe Barnard)

Will Wyness: Protea compacta architecture and Cape Sugarbird (Promerops cafer) behaviour: a loose connection or tight bond? (2011, Supervisors: Jeremy Midgley, Phoebe Barnard)

Recent peer-reviewed publications


Downs, C, Harebottle, D., Dodman, T., Ndiaye, A, Barnard, P., Huntley, B., Ogada, D., Botha, A. & Ng’weno, F. 2014. Birds in a changing environment: Report on the 13th Pan-African Ornithological Congress in Arusha, Tanzania. Ostrich: Journal of African Ornithology 85:1, iii-vi. DOI 10.2989/00306525.2014.912452.

Collingham, Y.C., Huntley, B, Altwegg, R., Barnard, P., Beveridge, O.S. Gregory, R.D., Mason, L.R. Oschadleus, H.D., Simmons, R.E., Willis, S.G. & Green, R.E. 2014.  Prediction of mean adult survival rates of southern African birds from demographic and ecological covariates. Ibis (in press, 29 July 2014)

Heystek, A., Geerts, S., Barnard, P. & Pauw, A. 2014. Pink flower preference in sunbirds does not translate into plant fitness differences in a polymorphic Erica species. Evolutionary Ecology, DOI 10.1007/s10682-014-9693-z.

Huntley, B., Midgley, G.F., Barnard, P. & Valdes, P.J. 2014.  Persistent climatic suitability at sub-orbital time scales in Cape centres of biological diversity. Journal of Biogeography, 41: 1338-1351.

Lee, A.T.K. & Barnard, P. 2014. Aspects of the ecology and morphology of the protea seedeater, Crithagra leucopterus, a little-known Fynbos endemic.  African Zoology 49(2):295-300.

Rahlao, S.J., Milton, S.J., Esler, K.J. & Barnard, P. 2014. Performance of invasive alien fountain grass (Pennisetum setaceum) along a climatic gradient through three South African biomes. South African Journal of Botany 91:43-48.


Chalmandrier, L., Midgley, G.F., Barnard, P. & Sirami, C. 2013. Effects of time since fire on birds in a plant diversity hotspot. Acta Oecologica 49:99-106.

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Heystek, A., Geerts, S., Barnard, P. & Pauw, A. 2013. Abstract SAAB Annual Meeting: Flower colour preference of sunbird pollinators. South African Journal of Botany 86:160.

Huntley, B., Allen, J.R.M., Barnard, P., Collingham, Y.C. & Holliday, P.R. 2013. Species distribution models indicate contrasting late-Quaternary histories for Southern and Northern Hemisphere bird species. Global Ecology and Biogeography 22:277-288. 


Altwegg, R., Broms, K., Erni, B., Barnard, P., Midgley, G.F. & Underhill, L.G.. 2012. Novel methods reveal shifts in migration phenology of barn swallows in South Africa. Proceedings of the Royal Society B 279:1485-1490.

Evans, D.M., Barnard, P., Koh, L.P., Chapman, C.A., Altwegg, R., Garner, T.W.J., Gompper, M.E., Gordon, I.J., Katzner, T.E. & Pettorelli, N. 2012. Funding nature conservation: who pays? Animal Conservation 15:215-216.

Huntley, B., Altwegg, R., Barnard, P., Collingham, Y.C. & Hole, D.G. 2012. Modelling relationships between species spatial abundance patterns and climate. Global Ecology and Biogeography IP.

Huntley, B. & Barnard, P. 2012. Potential impacts of climatic change on
southern African birds of fynbos and grassland biodiversity hotspots. Diversity and Distributions IP.

Turner, R.C., Midgley, J.J., Barnard, P., Simmons, R.E. & Johnson, S.D. 2012. Experimental evidence for bird pollination and corolla damage by ants in the short-tubed flowers of Erica halicacaba (Ericaceae). South African Journal of Botany 79:25-31.


Barnard, P. & Midgley, G. 2010. No going back for species and ecosystems. Book Review: Heatstroke: Nature in an Age of Global Warming by Anthony D. Barnosky. Trends in Ecology and Evolution 25:9-10.

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Rahlao, S.J., Esler, K.J., Milton, S.J. & Barnard, P. 2010. Nutrient Addition and Moisture Promote the Invasiveness of Crimson Fountaingrass (Pennisetum setaceum). Weed Science 58:154-159.

Rahlao, S.J., Milton, S.J., Esler, K.J. & Barnard, P. 2010. The distribution of invasive Pennisetum setaceum along roadsides in western South Africa: the role of corridor interchanges. Weed Research 50:537-543.

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