Conservation Biology MSc Graduates


Trevor Branch. 1997. Management strategies for orange roughy and other deepwater species off southern Africa. (Supervisors: Doug Butterworth & John Field).

Helen Davies. 1997. An assessment of the suitability of a series of Western Cape farm dams as waterbird habitats. (Supervisors: Jenny Day & Tim Crowe).

Jonathan Davies. 1997. Carrying capacity: a critique of the concept and its usefulness. (Supervisor: Phil Hockey).

Albert Froneman. 1997. The role of farm dams in conserving waterbird and wetland diversity in the Western Cape, South Africa. (Supervisor: Tim Crowe).

Charlotte Heijnes. 1997. Picking up the pieces: A biosphere reserve framework for a fragmented landscape - the coastal lowlands of the Western Cape. (Supervisors: Mandy Lombard & Richard Cowling).

Rainer Krug. 1997. The genetic diversity in a founded population of the African Buffalo (Syncerus caffer): An example of an artificial bottleneck. (Supervisors: Colleen O’Ryan & Eric Harley).

Patrick O’Farrell. 1997. Roadverge and rangeland plant communities in the southern Karoo: the influence of width and moisture on diversity, dominance and cover. (Supervisors: Sue Milton & Richard Dean).

Michelle Pressend. 1997. Strategies to reduce marine litter from land-based sources: An assessment of public attitudes and awareness. (Supervisors: Peter Ryan & G Arnold).

Ian Rushworth. 1997. Aiming for persistence: An approach to prioritising the allocation of conservation resources in northern KwaZulu-Natal. (Supervisors: Morné du Plessis & Grant Benn).

Elizabeth Scott. 1997. A biogeographical analysis of the Orchidaceae in southern Africa. (Supervisor: Peter Linder).

Simon Todd. 1997. The effects of heavy grazing on plant species diversity and community composition in a communally managed, semi-arid shrubland, Namaqualand, South Africa. (Supervisor: T Hoffmann).

Ennie Tshiguvho. 1997. Conservation value of road verges in semi-arid ecosystems: ants (Hymenoptera: Formicidae) as bio-indicators. (Supervisors: Richard Dean, Sue Milton & Hamish Robertson).