Conservation Biology MSc Graduates


Richard Allcorn. 1999. The East Caprivi Floodplain Fishery: an assessment of the health and value of a local level resource. (Supervisors: Jane Turpie & JI Barnes).

Alison Cameron. 1999. The effects of fragmentation of renosterveld vegetation on bird community composition. (Supervisor: Phil Hockey).

Dirk Eisinger. 1999. Density effects on the mortality and growth of young shrubs in the semi-arid Karoo. (Supervisor: Sue Milton).

Kari Gunson. 1999. The sustainability of use and economic valuation of wetland plant resources in the Eastern Caprivi Floodplains, Namibia. (Supervisors: Jane Turpie & Sue Milton).

Kirsten Neke. 1999. A bird's eye view of the quicksands of threat: predicting transformation in the grassland biome of South Africa. (Supervisors: Morné du Plessis & Penn Lloyd).

Kate Parr. 1999. Testing patch-mosaic burning in South Africa: the ant perspective. (Supervisors: William Bond & Hamish Robertson).

Mathieu Rouget. 1999. The dynamics of pine invasions in fragmented landscape in a South African semi-arid shrubland. (Supervisors: Sue Milton & Dave Richardson).

André van der Spuy. 1999. An assessment of the impact of land use on insect diversity on a Namaqualand farm and its conservation implications. (Supervisors: Richard Cowling & John Donaldson).