Conservation Biology MSc Graduates


Adnan Awad. 2000. Distribution and endemicity patterns of marine benthic invertebrates in South Africa applied to the selection of priority conservation areas. (Supervisor: Charles Griffiths).

Lovejoy Chaane. 2000. Effects of pine invasions on ground-dwelling ants on the southern slopes of the Swartberg Mountains. (Supervisors: Richard Dean, Hamish Robertson & Dave Richardson).

Lyndon Estes. 2000. An investigation of the role of cost-distance in determining the pattern of human impact on Arthrixia elata in and around Songimvelo Nature Reserve, Mpumalanga Province, South Africa. (Supervisor: Jane Turpie).

Leticia Greyling. 2000. Investigating the effects of different land use on certain raptor species in South Africa and predicting the possible influences that future land transformations will have on the raptor community. (Supervisors: Andrew Jenkins & Les Underhill).

Verna Love. 2000. Human disturbance of birds on Knysna estuary. (Supervisor: Jane Turpie).

Simiao Mahumana. 2000. Attitudes of the social actors towards conservation in Southern Mozambique. (Supervisor: Jane Turpie).

Helian Ratsirarson. 2000. The use of ants as bioindicators of conservation priority zones: a case study in the eastern region of Madagascar. (Supervisor: Hamish Robertson).

Fidèle Ruzigandekwe. 2000. Afromontane forest loss in Rwanda: effects on bird diversity. (Supervisor: Phil Hockey)

Frances Taylor. 2000. Strategies for the spatial modelling of species distributions. (Supervisors: P Goodman & Morné du Plessis).

Claire Volchansky. 2000. Interbreeding between two biotypes of the cochineal Dactylopius opuntiae (Homptera: Dactylopiidae): implications for the biological control of Opuntia stricta and Opuntia ficus-indica (Cactaceae) in South Africa. (Supervisor: John Hoffman).

Andrew Walker. 2000. Molecular evidence of interbreeding between wild and feral domestic Helmeted Guineafowl Numida meleagris. (Supervisors: Tim Crowe & Rauri Bowie).

Lauren Waller. 2000. The influence of landscape cover and spatial pattern in determining avian distribution and abundance. (Supervisors: Morné du Plessis & Grant Benn).