Conservation Biology MSc Graduates


Karen Alston. 2004. The roles of habitat features, disturbance and distance from putative source populations in structuring alien plant invasions at the urban/wildland interface on the Cape Peninsula, South Africa. (Supervisor: Dave Richardson).

Mark Bidwell. 2004. Breeding habitat selection and reproductive success of Blue Cranes Anthropoides paradiseus in an agricultural landscape of the Western Cape, South Africa. (Supervisors: Peter Ryan & Kevin Shaw).

Bastian Bomhard. 2004. Potential impacts of future land use and climate change on the red data book status of the Proteaceae in the Cape Floristic Region. (Supervisors: Dave Richardson, John Donaldson & Tony Rebelo).

George Eshiamwata. 2004. The importance of Strangler Fig (Ficus thonningii) trees as centres for seed deposition and seedling establishment in the agricultural landscape. (Supervisors: Richard Dean & B Baebel).

Kirsten Jack. 2004. Increasing the contribution of conservation planning to conservation through implementation. (Supervisor: Morné du Plessis).

Caiphas Khumalo. 2004. A comparative study of giraffe (Giraffa camelopardalis) browse impact on South African savanna ecosystems. (Supervisor: William Bond).

Raphael Kongor. 2004. A retrospective analysis of the host specificity of a seed-feeding beetle Melanterius servulus Pascoe (Coleoptera: Curculionoidae); a biological control agent for Acacia cyclops and Paraserianthes lophantha in South Africa. (Supervisor: John Hoffman).

David Maphisa. 2004. Breeding biology and habitat selection of the critically endangered Rudd's Lark Heteromirafra ruddi: Implications for conservation (Supervisor: Peter Ryan).

Jeff Muntifering. 2004. Using habitat characteristics to model cheetah (Acinonyx jubatus) high use areas: a novel approach to managing the matrix. (Supervisor: Peter Ryan).

Juliet Nansikombi. 2004. Impacts of helicopter flights on the birds at Dassen Island. (Supervisor: Peter Ryan).

Nir Peleg. 2004. Studies on the population genetics of the phenotypically-variable Acacia karooin South Africa. (Supervisors: David Ward & Peter Ryan).

Leigh Potter. 2004. Latitudinal life-history patterns of the barn owl (Tyto alba) and its potential role as an agent of biocontrol. (Supervisor: Andrew Jenkins).

Samantha Ralston. 2004. The role of legislation in the management of invasive alien plants: human dimensions affecting the implementation of legal instruments on the Cape Peninsula, South Africa. (Supervisor: Dave Richardson).

Kabelo Senyatso. 2004. Applicability of the IUCN Red List criteria at a regional level: A case study of birds in Botswana (Supervisors: Les Underhill & Peter Ryan).