Conservation Biology MSc Graduates


Tammy Baudains. 2006. The effect of human disturbance on the response behaviour and breeding success of a common shore-nesting bird, the white-fronted plover Charadrius marginatus on the Cape Peninsula. (Supervisor: Penn Lloyd).

Sarah-Jane Fox. 2006. Habitat fragmentation and Strandveld bird assemblages in an ‘ecologically friendly’ golf estate in the Western Cape, South Africa. (Supervisor: Phil Hockey).

Potiphar Kaliba. 2006. Faunal turnover between the eastern and southern African birds and small mammals: Is Malawi the geographical break? (Supervisors: Tim Crowe & Rauri Bowie).

Marie Lauret-Stepler. 2006. Nesting seasonality and population trends of green turtles,Chelonia mydas (Linnaeus, 1758) breeding on Eparses islands, south-western Indian Ocean. (Supervisor: Peter Ryan).

Takalani Maswime. 2006. The contribution of estuaries to residential property values in the Cape floristic region, South Africa. (Supervisor: Jane Turpie).

Zoe McDonnel. 2006. Distribution, abundance and demography of ocean sunfish, Mola mola, off southern Africa: Cause for concern? (Supervisor: Charles Griffiths).

Noah Scovronick. 2006. Economic Claims for Transboundary Conservation: reality or rhetoric? A case study of the Kgalagadi transfrontier park. (Supervisor: Jane Turpie).

Khara Shine. 2006. Biogeographic patterns and diversity in demersal fish off the south and west coasts of South Africa: implications for conservation. (Supervisors: Charles Griffiths & Barry Clark).

Vanessa Stephen. 2006. Harmful algal blooms: A potential conservation problem in the Benguela upwelling system. (Supervisor: Phil Hockey).

Terence Suinyuy. 2006. The taxonomic status and phylogenetic affinities of some Cameroon phasianoid gallinaceous birds. (Supervisors: Tim Crowe & Rauri Bowie).

Karen Vickers. 2006. Assessing the relative contribution of conservation areas to the protection of key biodiversity features in Mpumalanga, South Africa. (Supervisor: Morné du Plessis).