Conservation Biology MSc Graduates


Petra de Abreu. 2011. The ecological and hydrological impact of rehabilitation on degraded ostrich farms in the Little Karoo, South Africa. (Supervisor: Sue Milton).

Katherine du Plessis. 2011.  Heat tolerance of Southern Pied Babblers in the Kalahari Desert: how will they respond to climate change?  (Supervisors:  Phil Hockey, Amanda Ridley, Rowan Martin, Susan Cunningham). 

Katherine England. 2011. Assessing conservation of a tropical African estuary: Waterbird disturbance, livelihoods and ecotourism. (Supervisors: Phil Hockey, Rob Simmons, Jane Turpie).

Clova Jurk. 2011. Fouled yachts: a vector for introduced species to South African shores. (Supervisor: Charles Griffiths).

Andre Krahner. 2011. Impact of the invasive ant Linepithema humile on native ant assemblages on the western slopes of Table Mountain and the implications for ant-butterfly associations. (Supervisor: Mike Picker).

Sarah Lewis. 2011. Valuing an ecotourism resource: A case study of the Boulders Beach African Penguin colony. (Supervisor: Peter Ryan).

Gina Louw. 2011. How will climate change affect birds in hot African deserts? (Supervisors: Phil Hockey, Rowan Martin, Susie Cunningham).

Dane Marx. 2011. An assessment of the ecological impacts of community-based rehabilitation on communal grasslands in the Drakensberg foothills. (Supervisors: Timm Hoffman, Terry Emerson) 

Sofia Solano. 2011. Empirical evaluation of the effectiveness of South Africa's Marine Protected Area Network in representing fish communities. (Supervisor: Colin Attwood).

Vincent van der Merwe. 2011. The historical biogeography of terrestrial gamebirds (Aves: Gailiformes). (Supervisor: Tim Crowe).

Dale Wright. 2011. Understanding a citizen science research programme: Understanding the people who make it possible (Supervisors: Les Underhill, Andrew Knight).