Conservation Biology MSc Graduates


Nikki Best. 2012. The historical exploitation of chondrichthyans in False Bay, South Africa and assessment of their conservation status (Supervisor: Colin Attwood).

Emily Cressey. 2012. The conservation genetics of a newly recognized Cape Peninsula endemic: Rose's Mountain Toad (Capensibufo rosei) (Supervisors: Krystal Tolley, John Measey & Peter Ryan).

Lauren de Vos. 2012. Baited remote underwater video survey of reef fish in the Stilbaai marine protected area with an assessment of monitoring requirements (Supervisor: Colin Attwood).

Jeremy Goss. 2012. Human networks of tetrapod translocations in the Western Cape, South Africa: Trends and potential impacts on biodiversity (Supervisor: Graeme Cumming).

Masumi Gudka. 2012. Assessment of pesticide concentrations in environmental and biological parameters from two Kenyan Rift Valley Lakes (Supervisors: Rob Simmons & Munir Virani)

Hlengiwe Mbatha. 2012. Exploring the biodiversity and ecosystem service trade-offs associated with different livestock practices in the Enkangala grasslands, South Africa (Supervisors: Jeanne Nel, Belinda Reyers & William Bond).

Jenneca McCarter. 2012. Major histocompatibility complex diversity in an urban Chacma Baboon (Papio ursinus) population: Implications for conservation (Supervisor: Jacqui Bishop).

Christine Moore. 2012. Understanding highly pathogenic avian influenza outbreaks in the Western Cape ostrich industry: did network dynamics enhance vulnerability? (Supervisor: Graeme Cumming).

Maurice Schutgens. 2012. Collisions and biases: estimating the impact of low-voltage distribution lines on the Ludwig's Bustard (Neotis ludwigii) (Supervisor: Peter Ryan).

Lovelater Sebele. 2012. Factors influencing the timing of breeding in a range expanding raptor at two spatial scales (Supervisor: Arjun Amar).

Darlington Tuagben. 2012. The vulnerability of the coast of Liberia to marine oil spills: implications for biodiversity and renewable natural resource utilization (Supervisors: Patrick Morant, Jane Turpie & Peter Ryan).

Daniel Wright. 2012. Significant population structure and little connectivity in South African rocky shore species: implications for the conservation of regional marine biodiversity (Supervisor: Jacqui Bishop).