Conservation Biology MSc Graduates


Grey, Kerry-Anne. 2019.  Has a recent shift in local climate regime allowed incipient range expansion of Aloidendron dichotomum? (Supervisors: Susan Cunningham, Guy Midgley, Wendy Foden)

Hoffenberg, Amy. 2019. Reconstructing the long-term history of water quality and availability using fossil diatoms at an agricultural site in the Cape lowlands (Supervisors: Lindsey Gillson, Cherie Forbes)

Hörbst, Sandra. 2019.  Visual health assessment of parous female southern right whales (Eubalaena australis) off the southern Cape coast, South Africa (Supervisors: Coleen Moloney, Els Vermeulen)

Muller, Rebecca. 2019. The urban ecology of crowned eagles. (Supervisors: Arjun Amar, Petra Sumasgutner, Shane McPherson)

Ncube, Thinabakho. 2019. The effect of fire frequency and seasonality on the population dynamics of the critically endangered Clanwilliam cedar (Supervisor: Vernon Visser)

Schroeder, Michelle. 2019. Causes and rates of cheetah (Acinonyx jubatus) mortality in South African reserves. (Supervisors: Justin O'Riain, Vincent van der Merwe, Vincent Naude)

Steyn, Clara, 2019. Changes in food-web structure and energy flow in kelp forest ecosystems on the south-west coast of South Africa following the invasion of Jasus lalandii. (Supervisors: Lynne Shannon, Laura Blamey)

Venter, Olivia. 2019. Effects of burrowing sandprawns (Callichirus kraussi) on urban estuarine water quality (Supervisor: Deena Pillay)

Weiss, Joshua. 2019. Spatio-temporal changes in riparian vegetation of the Kruger National Park: drivers and implications for biodiversity. (Supervisors: Michael Cramer, Dave Thompson)