Doctoral theses

Bourne, Amanda. Dec 2020. Can social behaviour, particularly load-sharing, buffer against fitness costs associated with heat stress?

Lowney, Anthony. Dec 2020. Sociable weaver nests as a resource to local animal communities. (Supervisor: Robert Thomson).

McClean, Luke. Dec 2020. Coevolution in a little-known family of brood-parasitic birds: The Honeyguides. (Supervisors: Claire Spottiswoode, Nicholas Horrocks)

Masters by dissertation

Osborne, Alexis. Dec 2020. Understanding moult patterns in Albatrosses and Petrels breeding on Marion and Gough Islands. (Supervisor: Peter Ryan).

Weideman, Eleanor. Dec 2020. Quantifying land-based sources of plastic pollution in South Africa. (Supervisor: Peter Ryan).

Conservation Biology MSc

Brink, René. 2020. Do circular development buffers capture the breeding and non-breeding movements of territorial raptors? (Supervisors: Arjun Amar, Megan Murgatroyd).

Cerrilla, Cecilia. 2020. The impact of invasive fish on the endangered Clanwilliam Sandfish in the Oorlogskloof River, Northern Cape, South Africa. (Supervisors: Jeremy Shelton, Cecile Reed and Bruce Paxton). 

Eastment, Conor. 2020, Decadal trends of rainfall, fire and vegetation in north-east Namibia: an approach combining repeat photography and remote sensing.  (Supervisors: Lindsey Gillson, Glynis Humphrey and Timm Hoffman).

Gedert, Jennifer. 2020. Estimating population size of Micro frogs Microbatrachella capensis using Acoustic Spatial Capture Recapture.

Harper, Jack. 2020. Assessing the climate change vulnerability of reptile and amphibian species found within Table Mountain National Park. (Supervisors: Susie Cunningham, Wendy Foden and Nicola van Wilgen).

Montrond, Gilson. 2020. An assessment of bycatch of turtles and seabirds by artisanal and industrial fisheries in Cape Verde waters. (Supervisors: Peter Ryan and Ross Wanless).

Orolowitz, Matthew. 2020. Life on the edge: does body size dictate how birds deal with the heat in South Africa's most extreme desert? (Supervisor: Susie Cunningham).

Sheridan, Kate. 2020. Influences on shark risk perception with contrasting human-shark conflict interventions. (Supervisors: Justin O'Riain, Nicoli Natrass).

Stanbridge, Debbie. 2020. Rhinos on the move: what can Kruger's black rhinos tell us about the genetic consequences of translocation? (Supervisors: Justin O'Riain, Nikki le Roex). 

Wilson, Luke. 2020. A first assessment of the impacts of artificial waterholes in Zambezi National Park, Zimbabwe on surrounding vegetation. (Supervisors: Timm Hoffman, Angela Ferguson and David Cumming).