African Birdlife

Volume 1

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Selected articles by Fitz staff and students

African Birdlife is a bi-monthly magazine published by BirdLife South Africa with the aim of creating awareness about bird research and conservation work in Africa

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Volume 1 (2012/13)

Vol. 1 No. 1 (November / December 2012)

McKechnie, A. 2012. Blue Swallows in the Masai Mara. African Birdlife 1(1):12

PFIAO. 2012. The FitzPatrick Report: Waders on the wane? African Birdlife 1(1):35.

Ryan, P. 2012. When push comes to shove. African Birdlife 1(1):6,8.

Ryan, P. 2012. Book Review: Enigmatic variations – Roberts geographic variation of southern African birds by Hugh Chittenden, David Allan and Ingrid Weiersbye. African Birdlife 1(1):14.

Ryan, P. 2012. African Penguins. African Birdlife 1(1):30-31.

Whitfield, M. & McKechnie, A. 2012. Chilling in the Kalahari: Namaqua Doves keep their cool. African Birdlife 1(1):10.

Vol. 1 No. 2 (January / February 2013)

McKechnie, A. 2013. Sahara odyssey: satellite transmitters reveal the secrets of Lesser Kestrels’ migration. African Birdlife 1(2):12.

McKechnie, A. 2013. Drifting apart: the Hoatzin’s Namibian connection. African Birdlife 1(2):34-35.

PFIAO. 2013. The FitzPatrick Report: me first? The hot hornbill dilemma. African Birdlife 1(2):20.

Ryan, P. 2013. Splitting image: Cape, Kelp or Khoisan? African Birdlife 1(2):10-11.

Ryan, P. 2013. Swift moves. African Birdlife 1(2):13.

Ryan, P. 2013. Toxic waste: oceans of plastic threaten seabirds. African Birdlife 1(2):52-56.

Vol. 1 No. 3 (March / April 2013)

Little, R. & Ryan, P. 2013. In Memoriam: Phil Hockey (8 March 1956 – 24 January 2013) African Birdlife 1(3):19.

Little, R. 2013. Lighting strike: African Harrier-Hawks in Cape Town. African Birdlife 1(3):46.

McKechnie, A. 2013. A tale of two halves: Professor Andrew McKechnie comments. African Birdlife 1(3):6.

McKechnie, A. 2013. Bird diversity past and present. African Birdlife 1(3):11.

PFIAO. 2013. The FitzPatrick Report: Conserving high-elevation grasslands. African Birdlife 1(3):18.

Ryan, P. 2013. Tool time: bait fishing by a Little Bittern. African Birdlife 1(3):47.

Ryan, P. 2013. Convergent evolution: binocular review 2013. African Birdlife 1(3):48-52.

Ryan, P. 2013. Parrots & falcons are sister to passerines. African Birdlife 1(3):10.

Vol. 1 No. 4 (May / June 2013)

Jenkins, A & Allan, D. 2013. Location, location, location: an ill wind blows over the roof of Africa. African Birdlife 1(4):52-56.

McKechnie, A. 2013. Butting in: do city-nesting birds use cigarette butts for pest control? African Birdlife 1(4):16.

PFIAO. 2013. The FitzPatrick Report: In the dead of night. African Birdlife 1(4):20-21.

Ryan, P. 2013. Cinnamon-breasted Warbler’s: Eastern Arc link. African Birdlife 1(4):8.

Ryan, P. 2013. There’s life in the old bird: geriatric sex and aging. African Birdlife 1(4):12-13.

Ryan, P. 2013. Reviews you can use: Chamberlain’s LBJs. African Birdlife 1(4):14.

Ryan, P. 2013. Tools of the trade: the new Canon 500-mm telephoto lens. African Birdlife 1(4):22-23.

Ryan, P. & Wanless, R. 2013. Gill memorial award: Robert James Minchin Crawford. African Birdlife 1(4):48.

Wanless, R. 2013. New safety net for seabirds. African Birdlife 1(4):13.

Wanless, R. 2013. A massive flock at sea. African Birdlife 1(4):44-46.

Vol. 1 No. 5 (July / August 2013)

McKechnie.A.E. 2013. Cold snack anyone? African Green Pigeons keep the heat turned up. African Birdlife 1(5):11.

PFIAO. 2013. The FitzPatrick Report: How the mighty are fallen. African Birdlife 1(5):18.

Ryan, P. 2013. In and out: Peter Ryan comments. African Birdlife 1(5):6.

Ryan, P. 2013. Tundra breeding seabirds: the southern African connection. African Birdlife 1(5):12.

Ryan, P. 2013. Underwater heron: African Darter. African Birdlife 1(5):54-60.

van Zyl, A. 2013. Flashmob: kestrels in the Karoo. African Birdlife 1(5):36-42.

Wanless, R. 2013. Reviews you can use: The world’s rarest birds by Eric Hirschfeld, Andy Swash and Robert Still. African Birdlife 1(5):16-17.

Vol. 1 No. 6 (September / October 2013)

Lee, A., 2013. Fynbos enigma: Hottentot buttonquail in the Kouga Mountains. African Birdlife 1(6):20-23.

McKechnie, A. 2013. Reviews you can use: HBW Alive African Birdlife 1(6):17.

PFIAO. 2013. The FitzPatrick Report: Hot & Happening: White-browed Sparrow-weavers. African Birdlife 1(6):24.

Ryan, P. 2013. Darters: the intrigue continues. Peter Ryan comments. African Birdlife 1(6):6-7.

Ryan, P.G. 2013. Fear makes for faster babies. African Birdlife 1(6):10.

Ryan, P.G. 2013. The eyes have it. African Birdlife 1(6):28-34.

Ryan, P.G. 2013. Shy Albatross. African Birdlife 1(6):39-37.