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Final Journal Published Papers

Bourne, A.R.McKechnie, A.E., Cunningham, S.J., Ridley, A.R., Woodborne, S.M. and Karasov, W.H. 2019. Non‐invasive measurement of metabolic rates in wild, free‐living birds using doubly labelled water. Functional Ecology 33(1): 162-174. IF: 5.491

Hunter, N., Mills, M. and Cohen, C. 2019. Elgon Francolin Scleroptila elgonensis should be treated as a species distinct from Moorland Francolin S. psilolaema. Bulletin of the African Bird Club 26(1): 92-100.

Kemp, R. and McKechnie, A.E., 2019. Thermal physiology of a range-restricted desert lark. Journal of Comparative Physiology B 189(1): 131-141. IF: 2.517

Lee, A.T., Reeves, B. and Wright, D.R. 2019. Hottentot Buttonquail Turnix hottentottus: Endangered or just overlooked?. Bird Conservation International 29(1): 136-143. IF:  1.493

Loiseau, C., Melo, M., Lee, Y., Pereira, H., Hanemaaijer, M.J., Lanzaro, G.C. and Cornel, A.J. 2019. High endemism of mosquitoes on São Tomé and Príncipe Islands: evaluating the general dynamic model in a worldwide island comparison. Insect Conservation and Diversity 12(1): 69-79. IF: 2.091

Pekor, A., Miller, J.R., Flyman, M.V., Kasiki, S., Kesch, M.K., Miller, S.M., Uiseb, K., Van der Merve, V. and Lindsey, P.A. 2019. Fencing Africa's protected areas: Costs, benefits, and management issues. Biological Conservation 229: 67-75. IF: 4.661

Potgieter, L.J., Gaertner, M., O'Farrell, P.J. and Richardson, D.M. 2019. Perceptions of impact: invasive alien plants in the urban environment. Journal of Environmental Management 229:76-87. IF: 4.005

van Dyk, M., Noakes, M.J. and McKechnie, A.E. 2019. Interactions between humidity and evaporative heat dissipation in a passerine bird. Journal of Comparative Physiology B 189(2): 299-308. IF: 2.517

Visser, E., Perold, V., Ralston-Paton, S., Cardenal, A.C. and Ryan, P.G. 2019. Assessing the impacts of a utility-scale photovoltaic solar energy facility in birds in the Northern Cape, South Africa. Renewable Energy 133: 1285-1294. 10.1016/j.renene.2018.08.106 IF: 4.9

Online Published Papers

Afan I., Navarro J., Grémillet D., Coll M. and Forero M.G. 2019. Maiden voyage into death: are fisheries affecting seabird juvenile survival during the first days at sea? Royal Society Open Science 6: 181151. IF: 2.504

Amélineau, F., Grémillet, D., Harding, A.M., Walkusz, W., Choquet, R. and Fort, J. 2019. Arctic climate change and pollution impact little auk foraging and fitness across a decade. Scientific reports 9(1): 1014. IF: 4.122

Balbi, S., Selomane, O., Sitas, N., Blanchard, R., Kotzee, I., O’Farrell, P.O. and Villa, F. 2019. Human dependence on natural resources in rapidly urbanising South African regions. Environmental Research Letters 14: 044008. IF: 4.541

Bengtsson, J., Bullock, J.M., Egoh, B., Everson, C., Everson, T., O'Connor, T., O'Farrell, P.J., Smith, H.G. and Lindborg, R. 2019. Grasslands - more important for ecosystem services than you might think. Ecosphere 10(2): e02582. 10.1002/ecs2.2582 No IF

Bolopo, D., Lowney, A.M. and Thomson, R.L. 2019. Helpers improve fledgling body condition in bigger broods of cooperatively breeding African pygmy falcon. Behavioral Ecology and Sociobiology 73:16. IF: 2.473

Carstens, K.F., Kassanjee, R., Little, R.M., Ryan, P.G. and Hockey, P.A.R. 2019. The effects of weather, group size and type of nest on the timing of egg‑laying in the Southern Ground‑hornbill Bucorvus leadbeateri. Journal of Ornithology IF: 1.711

Carstens, K.F., Kassanjee, R., Little, R.M., Ryan, P.G. and Hockey, P.A. 2019. Breeding success and population growth of Southern Ground Hornbills Bucorvus leadbeateri in an area supplemented with nest-boxes. Bird Conservation International 1-17.  IF: 1.493

Cole, T.L., Ksepka, D.T., Mitchell, K.J., Tennyson, A.J., Thomas, D.B., Pan, H., Zhang, G., Rawlence, N.J., Wood, J.R., Bover, P.,  Bouzat, J.L., Cooper, A., Fiddaman, R., Hart, T., Miller, G., Ryan, P.G., Shepherd, L.D., Wilmshurst, J.M. and Waters, J.M. 2019. Mitogenomes uncover extinct penguin taxa and reveal island formation as a key driver of speciation. Molecular Biology and Evolution 36 (4), April: 784–797. IF: 10.217

Dean, W.R.J. and Milton, S.J. 2019. The dispersal and spread of invasive alien Myrtillocactus geometrizans in the southern Karoo, South Africa. South African Journal of Botany 121: 210-215. IF: 1.4420

Ezenwa, I.M., Nwani, C., Ottosson, U. and Martin, R.O., 2019. Opportunities to boost protection of the grey parrot in Nigeria. Oryx 53(2): 212-213. IF: 2.333  

Garcia-Heras, M-S., Arroyo, B., Mougeot, F., Bildstein, K., Therrien, J-F. and Simmons, R.E. 2019. Migratory patterns and settlement areas revealed by remote sensing in an endangered intra-African migrant, the Black Harrier (Circus maurus). PLoS ONE 14(1): e0210756. IF: 2.766

Gerson, A.R., McKechnie, A.E., Smit, B., Whitfield, M.C., Smith, E.K., Talbot, W.A., McWhorter, T.J. and Wolf, B.O. 2019. The functional significance of facultative hyperthermia varies with body size and phylogeny in birds. Functional Ecology DOI: 10.1111/1365-2435.13274 IF: 5.21

Grémillet, D., Collet, J., Weimerskirch, H., Courbin, N., Ryan, P.G. and Pichegru, L. 2019. Radar detectors carried by Cape  gannets reveal surprisingly few fishing vessel encounters. PLoS ONE 14(2): e0210328. IF: 2.766

Holmes, N.D., Spatz, D.R., Oppel, S., Tershy, B., Croll, D.A., Keitt, B., Genovesi, P., Burfield, I.J., Will, D.J., Bond, A.L. and Wegmann, A., Aguirre-Munoz, A., Raine, A.F., Knapp, C.R., Hung, C-H., Wingate, D., Hagen, E., Mendez-Sanchez, F., Rocamora, G., Yuan, H-W., Fric, J., Millet, J., Russell, J., Liske-Clark, J., Vidal, E., Jourdan, H., Campbell, K., Springer, K., Swinnerton, K., Gibbons-Decherong, L., Langrand, O., Brooke, M de L., McMinn, M., Bunbury, N., Oliveira, N., Sposimo, P., Geraldes, P., McClelland, P., Hodum, P., Ryan, P.G., Borroto-Paez, R., Pierce, R., Griffiths, R., Fisher, R.N., Wanless, R., Pasachnik, S.A., Cranwell, S., Micol, T. and Butchart, S.H.M. 2019. Globally important islands where eradicating invasive mammals will benefit highly threatened vertebrates. PloS ONE 14(3): e0212128. IF: 2.766

Jepsen, E.M., Ganswindt, A., Ngcamphalala, C.A., Bourne, A.R., Ridley, A.R. and McKechnie, A.E. Non-invasive monitoring of physiological stress in an afrotropical arid-zone passerine bird, the southern pied babbler. General and Comparative Endocrinology 276: 60-68 IF: 2.564

Joseph, G.S., Muluvhahothe, M.M., Seymour, C.L., Munyai, T.C., Bishop, T.R. and Foord, S.H. 2019. Stability of Afromontane ant diversity decreases across an elevation gradient. Global Ecology and Conservation e00596. IF: 2.174

Lee, A.T.K. 2019. Best student research paper published in Ostrich 2018. Ostrich 90(1): iii-v. DOI: IF: 0.254

Lescroël, A., Ballard, G., Massaro, M., Dugger, K., Jennings, S., Pollard, A., Porzig, E., Schmidt, A., Varsani, A., Grémillet, D. and Ainley, D. 2019. Evidence of age-related improvement in the foraging efficiency of Adélie penguins. Scientific Reports 9(1): 3375. IF: 4.122

McClelland, S.C., Jamie, G.A., Waters, K., Caldas, L., Spottiswoode, C.N. and Portugal, S.J. 2019. Convergent evolution of reduced eggshell conductance in avian brood parasites. Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B 374(1769): 20180194. IF: 5.666

Martin, R.O., Senni, C., D'cruze, N. and Bruschi, N. 2019. Tricks of the trade—legal trade used to conceal Endangered African grey parrots on commercial flights. Oryx 53(2): 213-213. IF: 2.333

Murgatroyd, M., Redpath, S.M., Murphy, S.G., Douglas, D.J., Saunders, R. and Amar, A. 2019. Patterns of satellite tagged hen harrier disappearances suggest widespread illegal killing on British grouse moors. Nature communications, 10(1): 1094. IF: 12.353

Naude, V.N., Smyth, L.K., Weideman, E.A., Krochuk, B.A. and Amar, A. 2019. Using web-sourced photography to explore the diet of a declining African raptor, the Martial Eagle (Polemaetus bellicosus). The Condor 121:1-9. IF: 2.722

Reynolds, S.J., Ibáñez-Álamo, J.D., Sumasgutner, P. and Mainwaring, M.C., 2019. Urbanisation and nest building in birds: a review of threats and opportunities. Journal of Ornithology: 1-20. IF: 1.954

Rink, A.N., Altwegg, R., Edwards, S., Bowie, R.C. and Colville, J.F. 2019. Contest dynamics and assessment strategies in combatant monkey beetles (Scarabaeidae: Hopliini). Behavioral Ecology arz008. 10.1093/beheco/arz008 IF: 3.347

Rodríguez, A., Arcos, J.M., Bretagnolle, V., Dias, M.P., Holmes, N.D., Louzao, M., Provencher, J., Raine, A.F., Ramírez, F., Rodríguez, B., Ronconi, R.A., Taylor, R.S., Bonnaud, E., Borrelle, S.B., Cortes, V., Descamps, S., Friesen, V.L., Genovart, M., Hedd, A., Hodum, P., Humphries, G.R.W., Le Corre, M., Lebarbenchon, C., Martin, R., Melvin, E.F., Montevecchi, W.A., Pinet, P., Pollet, I.L., Ramos, R., Russell, J.C., Ryan, P.G., Sanz-Aquilar, A., Spatz, D.R., Travers, M., Votier, S.C., Wanless, R.M., Woehler, E. and Chiaradia, A. 2019. Future directions in conservation research on Petrels and Shearwaters. Frontiers in Marine Science 6:94. No IF

Rose, S., Oschadleus, H.D. and Paijmans, D., 2019. How far and how old: Longevity and displacement records from the South African Bird Ringing Scheme for Ardeidae, Threskiornithidae and Ciconiidae. Bothalia, 49(1). IF: 0.500

Smit, B., Woodborne, S., Wolf, B.O. and McKechnie, A.E. 2019. Differences in the use of surface water resources by desert birds are revealed using isotopic tracers. The Auk: Ornithological Advances 136(1): 1-13. IF: 2.442  

Spottiswoode, C.N. and Busch, R. 2019. Vive la difference! Self/non-self recognition and the evolution of signatures of identity in arms races with parasites. Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B 374(1769): 20180206. IF: 5.666

Stoddard, M.C., Hogan, B.G., Stevens, M. and Spottiswoode, C.N.  2019. Higher-level pattern features provide additional information to birds when recognizing and rejecting parasitic eggs. Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B 374(1769): 20180197. IF: 5.666

Thorogood, R., Spottiswoode, C.N., Portugal, S.J. and Gloag, R., 2019. The coevolutionary biology of brood parasitism: a call for integration. Philosphical Transactions of the Royal Society B. 374: 20180190. IF: 5.666

Torney, C.J., Lloyd‐Jones, D.J., Chevallier, M., Moyer, D.C., Maliti, H.T., Mwita, M., Kohi, E.M. and Hopcraft, G.C. 2019. A comparison of deep learning and citizen science techniques for counting wildlife in aerial survey images. Methods in Ecology and Evolution 10.1111/2041-210X.13165 IF: 6.363

Traisnel, G. and Pichegru, L. 2019. Boldness at the nest predicts foraging and diving behaviour of female but not male African penguins. Animal Behaviour 150: 113-125. 10.1016/j.anbehav.2019.02.003 IF: 3.067

Traisnel, G. and Pichegru, L., 2019. Success comes with consistency in hard times: foraging repeatability relates to sex and breeding output in African penguins. Marine Ecology Progress Series 608: 279-289. IF: 2.276

Tripathi, H.G., Mzumara, T.I., Martin, R.O., Parr, C.L., Phiri, C. and Ryan, C.M. 2019. Dissimilar effects of human and elephant disturbance on woodland structure and functional bird diversity in the mopane woodlands of Zambia. Landscape Ecology 34(2): 357-371. IF: 3.833

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Villar Couto, C.M., Cumming. G.S., Lacorte, G.A., Congrains, C., Izbicki, R., Braga, E.M., Rocha, C.D., Moralez-Silva. E., Henry, D.A.W, Manu, S.A., Abalaka, J., Regalla, A., da Silva, A.S., Diop, M.S. and Del Lama, S.N. 2019. Avian haemosporidians in the cattle egret (Bubulcus ibis) from central-western and southern Africa: High diversity and prevalence. PLoS ONE 14 (2): e0212425. IF: 2.766