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Bolopo, D., Roncalli, G., Canestrari, D. and Baglione, V. 2020. Cheating cheaters: Social monogamy but genetic polygamy in a brood parasite. Ardeola 67: 39-56. IF: 1.974

Brink, C.W., Santangeli, A., Amar, A., Wolter, K., Tate, G., Krüger, S., Tucker, A.S. and Thomson, R.L. 2020. Quantifying the spatial distribution and trends of supplementary feeding sites in South Africa and their potential contribution to vulture energetic requirements. Animal Conservation. IF: 3.048

Carneiro, A.P., Pearmain, E.J., Oppel, S., Clay, T.A., Phillips, R.A., Bonnet‐Lebrun, A.S., Wanless, R.M., Abraham, E., Richard, Y., Rice, J., Handley, J., Davies, T.E., Dilley, B.J., Ryan, P.G., Small, C., Arata, J., Arnould, J.P.Y., Bell, E., Bugoni, L., Campioni, L., Catry, P., Cleeland, J., Deppe, L., Elliott, G., Freeman, A., González-Solís, J., Granadeiro, J.P., Grémillet, D., Landers, T.J., Makhado, A., Nel, D., Nicholls, D.G., Rexer-Huber, K., Robertson, C.J.R., Sagar, P.M., Scofield, P., Stahl, J.C., Stanworth, A., Stevens, K.L., Trathan, P.N., Thompson, D.R., Torres, L., Walker, K., Waugh, S.M., Weimerskirch, H. and Dias, M.P. 2020. A framework for mapping the distribution of seabirds by integrating tracking, demography and phenology. Journal of Applied Ecology.  IF: 5.782

Cook, T.R., Martin, R., Roberts, J., Häkkinen, H., Botha, P., Meyer, C., Sparks, E., Underhill, L.G., Ryan, P.G. and Sherley, R.B. 2020. Parenting in a warming world: thermoregulatory responses to heat stress in an endangered seabird. Conservation Physiology 8(1).  IF: 3.634

Dean, W.R.J., 2020. François Levaillant: Explorer and biologist. South African Journal of Science 116 (1/2). IF: 1.351

Grémillet, D., Gallien, F., El Ksabi, N. and Courbin, N. 2020. Sentinels of coastal ecosystems: the spatial ecology of European shags breeding in Normandy. Marine Biology 167(4). IF: 2.134

Hindell, M.A., Reisinger, R.R., Ropert-Coudert, Y. et al. 2020. Tracking of marine predators to protect Southern Ocean ecosystems. Nature. IF: 43.070

Ibáñez-Álamo, J.D., Jimeno, B., Gil, D., Thomson, R.L., Aguirre, J.I., Díez-Fernández, A., Faivre, B., Tieleman, B.I. and Figuerola, J. 2020. Physiological stress does not increase with urbanization in European blackbirds: evidence from hormonal, immunological and cellular indicators. Science of The Total Environment IF: 5.589

Jones, C.W., Phillips, R.A., Grecian, W.J. and Ryan, P.G. 2020. Ecological segregation of two superabundant, morphologically similar, sister seabird taxa breeding in sympatry. Marine Biology 167: 45.  IF: 2.134

Lee, A.T.K. 2020. Best student article published in Ostrich in 2019: hold onto your saddle, Bill, for the story behind a close race. Ostrich 91:1: iii-v. IF: 0.443

Lee, A.T.K. and Wright, D.R. 2020. Patterns of bird species richness at two sampling scales in the Karoo biome of South Africa. Journal of Arid Environments 174. IF: 1.825

Lund, J., Bolopo, D., Thomson, R.L., Elliott, D.L., Arnot, L.F., Kemp, R., Lowney, A.M. and McKechnie, A.E. 2020. Winter thermoregulation in free-ranging pygmy falcons in the Kalahari Desert. Journal of Ornithology. IF: 0.565

Requena, S., Oppel, S., Bond, A.L., Hall, J., Cleeland, J., Crawford, R.J.M., Davies, D., Dilley, B.J., Glass, T., Makhado, A. and Ratcliffe, N., Reid, T.A., Ronconi, R.A, Schofield, A., Steinfurth, A., Wege, M., Bester, M. and Ryan, P.G. 2020. Marine hotspots of activity inform protection of a threatened community of pelagic species in a large oceanic jurisdiction. Animal Conservation. IF: 3.048

Reynolds, C., Venter, N., Cowie, B.W., Marlin, D., Mayonde, S., Tocco, C. and Byrne, M.J., 2020. Mapping the socio-ecological impacts of invasive plants in South Africa: Are poorer households with high ecosystem service use most at risk? Ecosystem Services 42: 101075.  IF: 5.572

Ropert-Coudert, Y. et al. 2020. The retrospective analysis of Antarctic tracking data project. Scientific Data. 7(1). IF: 5.311

Suaria, G., Perold, V., Lee, J.R., Lebouard, F., Aliani, S. and Ryan, P.G. 2020. Floating macro- and microplastics around the Southern Ocean: results from the Antarctic Circumnavigation Expedition. Environment International 136. IF: 7.943

Tolvanen, J., Morosinotto, C., Forsman, J.T. and Thomson, R.L. 2020. Information collected during the post-breeding season guides future breeding decisions in a migratory bird. Oecologia. IF: 2.915

Valente, L., Phillimore, A.B., Melo, M., Warren, B.H., Clegg, S.M., Havenstein, K., Tiedemann, R., Illera, J.C., Thébaud, C., Aschenbach, T. and Etienne, R.S. 2020. A simple dynamic model explains the diversity of island birds worldwide. Nature 579: 92-96. IF: 43.070

van Sebille, E., Aliani, S., Law, K.L., Maximenko, N., Alsina, J.M., Bagaev, A., Bergmann, M., Chapron, B., Chubarenko, I., Cózar, A.,  Delandmeter, P., Egger, M., Fox-Kemper, B., Garaba, S.P., Goddijn-Murphy, L., Hardesty, B.D., Hoffman, M.J., Isobe, A., Jongedijk, C.E., Kaandorp, M.L.A., Khatmullina, L., Koelmans, A.A., Kukulka, T., Laufkötter, C., Lebreton, L., Lobelle, D., Maes, C., Martinez-Vicente, V., Maqueda, M.A.M., Poulain-Zarcos, M., Rodriguez, E., Ryan, P.G., Shanks, A.L., Shim, W.J., Suaria, G., Thiel, M., von den Bremer, T.S. and Wichmann, D. 2020. The physical oceanography of the transport of floating marine debris. Environmental Research Letters 15(2). IF: 6.192

Venter, O., Pillay, D. and Prayag, K. 2020. Water filtration by burrowing sandprawns provides novel insights on endobenthic engineering and solutions for eutrophication. Scientific Reports 10.  IF: 4.011

Final Journal Published Papers

Jones, S.E., Jamie, G.A., Sumbane, M. and Jocque, M. 2020. The avifauna, conservation and biogeography of the Njesi Highlands in northern Mozambique, with a review of the country’s Afromontane birdlife. Ostrich 91:45-56. IF: 0.443

Kattge, J. and Joseph, G.S. (and 727 other authors). 2020. TRY plant trait database–enhanced coverage and open access. Global change biology 26: 119–188. IF: 8.880

Mondreti, R., Davidar, P., Ryan, P.G., Thiebot, J.B. and Gremillet, D. 2020. Seabird and cetacean occurrence in the Bay of Bengal associated with marine productivity and commercial fishing effort. Marine Ornithology 48: 91-101. IF: 0.537

Ryan, P.G., Dilley, B.J., Davies, D., Glass, T. and Abadi, F., 2020. Short-term movement patterns, population estimates and breeding biology of an island endemic bird, the Tristan Thrush. Revista Brasileira de Ornitologia-Brazilian Journal of Ornithology 27(4): 245-252. IF: 0.565