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Brink, C.W., Thomson, R.L., Amar, A., Girardello, M. and Santangeli, A. 2021. Prevalence and drivers of poison use by South African commercial farmers and perceptions of alternative livestock protection measures. Ambio. IF: 4.778

Galloway, A.D., Seymour, C.L., Gaigher, R. and Pryke, J.S. 2021. Organic farming promotes arthropod predators, but this depends on neighbouring patches of natural vegetation. Agriculture, Ecosystems and Environment 310. IF: 4.241

Lee, A.T., Macray, M.B., Ryan, P.G. and Alexander, G.J. 2021. Tortoise mortality along fence lines in the Karoo region of South Africa. Journal for Nature Conservation 59. IF: 2.482

McCarren, S., Sumasgutner, P., Tate, G., Koeslag, A. and Amar, A. 2021. Clinal variation in the polymorphic Black Sparrowhawk Accipiter melanoleucus is unrelated to infection by the blood parasite Haemoproteus nisi. Journal of Ornithology 162: 231-241. IF: 1.286

Muluvhahothe, M.M., Joseph, G.S., Seymour, C.L., Munyai, T.C. and Foord, S.H. 2021. Repeated surveying over 6 years reveals that fine‑scale habitat variables are key to tropical mountain ant assemblage composition and functional diversity. Scientific Reports 11(56). IF: 3.998

Murgatroyd, M., Bouten, W. and Amar, A. 2021. A predictive model for improving placement of wind turbines to minimise collision risk potential for a large soaring raptor. Journal of Applied Ecology. IF: 5.840

Nwaogu, C.J. and Cresswell, W. 2021. Local timing of rainfall predicts the timing of moult within a single locality and the progress of moult among localities that vary in the onset of the wet season in a year-round breeding tropical songbird. Journal of Ornithology 162: 265–276. IF: 1.286

Ryan, P.G. and Perold, V. 2021. Limited dispersal of riverine litter onto nearby beaches during rainfall events. Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf Science 251. IF: 2.333.


Final Journal Published Papers

Bond, A.L., Taylor, C., Kinchin-Smith, D., Fox, D., Witcutt, E., Ryan, P.G., Loader, S.P. and Weimerskirch, H. 2021. A juvenile Tristan albatross (Diomedea dabbenena) on land at the Crozet Islands. Polar Biology 44: 229–233. IF: 1.728