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Hansen, S., Roets, F., Seymour, C.L., Thébault, E., van Veen, F.J.F. and Pryke, J.S. 2018. Alien plants have greater impact than habitat fragmentation on native insect flower visitation networks. Diversity and Distributions 24: 58-68. IF 4.566

Garcia-Heras, M-S., Arroyo, B., Simmons, R.E., Camarero, P.R., Mateo, R.and Mougeot, F. 2018. Blood concentrations pf OCBs and DDTs in an avian predator endemic to southern Africa: associations with habitat, electrical transformers and diet. Environmental Pollution 232: 440-449. IF 4.839

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Traisnel, G., and Pichegru, L. 2018. Does it always pay to defend one’s nest? A case study in African penguin. Ethology. IF 1.717