Long-Term Programmes

Pied Babbler Research Project


Assoc. Prof. Amanda Ridley (principal investigator)

Research Team

Sabrina Engesser (PhD student, University of Zurich)
Oded Keynan (PhD student, Macquarie University & Tel Aviv University)
Dr Martha Nelson-Flower (Postdoctoral fellow, PFIAO), moving to University of British Columbia in 2015)
Margot Oorebeek (senior research assistant, University of Western Australia)
James Westrip (PhD student, Edinburgh University)
Elizabeth Wiley (PhD student, University of Western Australia)

Project Overview

Pied Babblers (Turdoides bicolor) are obligate cooperative breeders that live in groups of 3-14 adults which occupy and defend territories year-round. The Pied Babbler Research Project in the Kalahari focuses on the behavioural ecology of habituated groups and on the causes and consequences of helping behaviour, parent-offspring conflict, kin recognition, sexual selection and vocal communication in particular.See Pied Arabian Babbler Research website for more details.


For more information on the project see Dr Amanda Ridley's Pied Arabian Babbler Research website