Staff & Associates


Below are the links to the biographies of the staff, students and associates of the Fitz. Because of the nature of the Institute and the people that constitute it, staff and students may be away for much of the time. While this has its advantages in terms of office space it can be frustrating, so, if you have difficulty reaching someone at the Fitz, please contact the Departmental Administrator.

Prof. Peter Ryan

Academic Staff
Dr Arjun Amar - Senior Lecturer
Prof. David Cumming  - Honorary Professor
Dr Susan Cunningham - Lecturer
Prof. Claire Spottiswoode - Pasvolsky Chair of Conservation Biology
Dr Robert Thomson - Senior Lecturer

Honorary Research Associates
Prof. Phoebe Barnard
Dr Rita Covas
Prof. Graeme Cumming
Dr Tom Flower
Dr David Grémillet
Dr Kristine Maciejewski
Assoc. Prof. Amanda Ridley
Dr Rob Simmons
Dr Ross Wanless

Research Associates
Dr Steve Boyes
Dr Callan Cohen
Dr Timothée Cook
Dr W. Richard J. Dean
Dr Claire Doutrelant
Dr Andrew Jenkins
Dr Genevieve Jones
Dr Grant Joseph
Dr Azwianewi Makhado
Dr Rowan Martin
Dr Antoni Milewski
Prof. Sue Milton
Dr Lorien Pichegru
Dr Martim Pinheiro de Melo

Dr Colleen Seymour
Dr Richard Sherley
Dr Antje Steinfurth
Dr Jane Turpie

Support Staff
Gonzalo Aguilar - Principal Technical Officer
Hilary Buchanan - Departmental Administrator
Phelisa Hans - Library Assistant
Anthea Links - Departmental/Accounts Assistant
Susan Mvungi - Niven Librarian
Vonica Perold - Project co-ordinator, Solar impact project
Kim Zoeller - Project co-ordinator, Protected areas project

Centre of Excellence Team Members
Prof. Peter Ryan - Director
Dr Rob Little - CoE Manager
Denise Scheepers - CoE Secretary
Dr Arjun Amar  - Project Leader
Dr Paulette Bloomer - External Project Leader (University of Pretoria)
Assoc. Prof. Rauri Bowie - External Project Leader (Museum of Vertebrate Zoology, University of California-Berkeley)
Prof. Andrew McKechnie - External Project Leader (University of Pretoria)
Dr Pierre Pistorius - External Project Leader (NMMU)

Conservation Biology MSc Lecturers (2016)
Dr Arjun Amar (PFIAO)
Assoc. Prof. Colin Attwood (Biological Sciences, UCT)
Dr Guy Balme (Leopard Program, Panthera)
Dr Jacqui Bishop (Biological Sciences, UCT)
Dr Susan Cunningham  (PFIAO)
Prof. David Cumming (PFIAO)
Dr Wendy Foden (U. Stellenbosch)
Assoc. Prof. Lindsey Gillson  (Biological Sciences, UCT)
Prof. Timm Hoffman (Biological Sciences, UCT)
Assoc. Prof. John Hoffmann  (Biological Sciences, UCT)
Dr Kristine Maciejewski (PFIAO and OTS)
Prof. Justin O'Riain (Biological Sciences, UCT)
Dr Cecile Reed (Dept Biological Sciences, UCT)
Dr Tamar Ron (Biodiversity Conservation Consultant)
Dr Robert Thomson (PFIAO)
Prof. Peter Ryan (PFIAO)
Dr Gladman Thondhlana (Department of Environmental Science, Rhodes University)
Dr Jane Turpie (Anchor Environmental Consultants)
Dr Ross Wanless (PFIAO and BirdLife SA)

Postdoctoral Fellows
Dr Diana Bolopo
Dr Sophie Lardy
Dr Alan Lee
Dr Megan Murgatroyd
Dr Lisa Nupen
Dr Samuel Temidayo Osinubi
Dr Margaux Rat
Dr Chevonne Reynolds
Dr Petra Sumasgutner

Doctoral Students
Alex Atkins
Julia Baum (Graduating December 2016)
Amanda Bourne
Jordan-Laine Calder
Kate Carstens
Hayley Clements
Daniël Cloete
Ben Dilley
Davide Gaglio
Beckie Garbett
Marie-Sophie Garcia-Heras
Anthony Lowney
Alistair McInnes (Graduating December 2016)
Dominic Rollinson
Kim Stevens
Gareth Tate
Tanja van de Ven
Rowen van Eeden
Otto Whitehead

Masters Students (Dissertation)
Andrew de Blocq van Scheltinga
Campbell Fleming
Selena Flores
Laurie Johnson
Amanda Kyne
Luke McClean
Ditiro Moloto
John Pallett
Noelle Tubbs

Conservation Biology Masters Students (2016/17)
Huyam Abbas
Michelle Blanckenberg
Sarah Casola
Tendai Chinho
Christie Craig
Belinda Day
Carles Dura
Wesley Gush
Corey Jeal
Alicia Ly
Matthew Macray
Elelwani Nenzhelele
Ryan Olinger
Maggie Parrish

Conservation Biology Masters Students (2015/16)
Adele Pretorius