Staff & Associates


Below are the links to the biographies of the staff, students and associates of the Fitz. Because of the nature of the Institute and the people that constitute it, staff and students may be away for much of the time. While this has its advantages in terms of office space it can be frustrating, so, if you have difficulty reaching someone at the Fitz, please contact the Departmental Administrator.

Prof. Peter Ryan

Academic Staff
Dr Arjun Amar - Senior Lecturer
Prof. David Cumming  - Honorary Professor
Dr Susan Cunningham - Lecturer
Prof. Claire Spottiswoode - Pasvolsky Chair of Conservation Biology
Dr Robert Thomson - Senior Lecturer

Honorary Research Associates
Prof. Phoebe Barnard
Dr Rita Covas
Prof. Graeme Cumming
Dr Tom Flower
Dr Wendy Foden
Dr David Grémillet
Dr Azwianewi Makhado
Dr Stephen Redpath
Assoc. Prof. Amanda Ridley
Dr Andrea Santangeli
Dr Rob Simmons
Dr Ross Wanless

Honorary Research Affiliates
Dr Diana Bolopo
Dr Azwianewi Makhado
Dr Alistair McInnes
Dr Megan Murgatroyd

Support Staff
Gonzalo Aguilar - Principal Technical Officer
Michael Brooks - Information Systems Specialist
Hilary Buchanan - Departmental Administrator
Janine Dunlop - Niven Librarian
Phelisa Hans - Library Assistant
Anthea Links - Departmental/Accounts Assistant
Rene Navarro - Information Systems Specialist

Centre of Excellence
Dr Rob Little - CoE Manager
Carmen Smith - CoE Secretary

Postdoctoral Fellows
Dr Anina Coetzee
Dr Pietro D'Amelio
Dr Ben Dilley
Dr Susan Miller
Dr Chima Nwaogu
Dr Jessica van der Wal

Doctoral Students
Emmanuel Adekola
Timothy Khan Aikins
Amanda Bourne
Christiaan Brink
Daniël Cloete
Christie Craig
Carla du Toit
Selena Flores
Anthony Lowney
Luke McClean
Kyle-Mark Middleton
Angela Moreras
Benjamin Murphy
Carina Nebel
Olufemi Olubodun
Nick Pattinson
Vonica Perold
Stefan Schoombie
Miqkayla Stofberg
Kim Stevens

Masters Students
Robin Colyn
Farisayi Dakwa
Monique du Plessis
Campbell Fleming
David Lloyd-Jones
Jess Lund
Samantha McCarren
Alexis Osborne
Kailen Padayachee
Abigail Ramudzuli
Eleanor Weideman

Conservation Biology Masters Students 2020

Jessica Burnette
Hannah Edwards
Rowan Hickman
Varaika Jain
Tamar Kendon
Eliupendo Laltaika
Merlyn Nkomo
Jonathan Plaistowe
Imthiaz Sheik Abbass
Debbie Stanbridge
Tom Thacker
Gemma Walker
Debbie Walsh

Conservation Biology Masters Student 2019
Rene Brink
Cecilia Cerilla
Conor Eastment
Kathryn Gardner
Jennifer Gedert
Jack Harper
Gilson Montrond
Matthew Orolowitz
Kate Sheridan
Debbvie Stanbridge
Luke WIlson