Research Associates

Dr Andrew Jenkins

Dr Andrew Jenkins
BSc (Hons) (Natal, Pietermaritzburg)
PhD (Cape Town)

John Day Building: 3.14
Tel: +27 (0)82 959 9238
Fax: +27 (0)21 650 3295


Andrew Jenkins did his undergraduate studies in Zoology at the University of Natal (Pietermaritzburg), completed his PhD at the University of Cape Town in 1998, and is currently a Research Associate working on the suite of projects that make up the Western Cape Raptor Research Programme. He is particularly interested in aspects of large falcon biology, the ecological function of avian predators, and the utility of raptors as surrogates in habitat-based conservation initiatives.

Research programmes

Raptor Research Programme, Rarity & Conservation of African Birds

Recently Graduated Students


Jessica Shaw: Conservation biology of Ludwig’s Bustard (Co-supervisor: Peter Ryan).


Jessie Berndt: Conservation biology of the Martial Eagle Polemaetus bellicosus in South Africa: protected area dependent or ranch-land colonist? (Co-supervisors: Res Altwegg, Arjun Amar).

Recent peer-reviewed publications


Shaw, J.M., Jenkins, A.R., Allan, D.G. and Ryan P.G. 2015. Population size and trends of Ludwig’s Bustard Neotis ludwigii and and other large terrestrial birds in the Karoo, South Africa. Bird Conservation International


Altwegg, R., Jenkins, A. R. & Abadi, F. 2014. Nestboxes and immigration drive the growth of an urban Peregrine Falcon Falco peregrinus population. Ibis 156:107-115.

Krüger, S.C., Allan, D.G., Jenkins, A.R. & Amar, A. 2014. Trends in territory occupancy, distribution and density of the Bearded Vulture Gypaetus barbatus meridionalis in southern Africa. Bird Conservation International 24:162-177.


Jenkins, A. R., de Goede, K.H., Sebele, L. & Diamond, M. 2013. Brokering a settlement between eagles and industry: sustainable management of large raptors nesting on power infrastructure. Bird Conservation International 23:232-246.

Jenkins, J., Simmons, R.E., Curtis, O., Atyeo, M., Raimondo, D. & Jenkins, A.R. 2013. The value of the Black Harrier (Circus maurus) as predictors of biodiversity in the plant-rich Cape Floral Kingdom, South Africa. Bird Conservation International 23:66-77.


Jenkins, A. R., Shaw, J.M., Smallie, J.J., Gibbons, B., Visagie, R. & Ryan, P.G. 2011. Estimating the impacts of power line collisions on Ludwig’s Bustards Neotis ludwigii. Bird Conservation International 21:303-310.


Jenkins, A. R., Smallie, J.J. & Diamond, M. 2010. Avian collisions with power lines: a global review of causes and mitigation with a South African perspective. Bird Conservation International 20:263-278.

Shaw, J.M., Jenkins, A. R., Smallie, J.J. & Ryan, P.G. 2010. Modelling power-line collision risk for the Blue Crane Anthropoides paradiseus in South Africa. Ibis 152:590-599.

Shaw, J.M., Jenkins, A. R., Ryan, P.G. & Smallie. 2010. A preliminary survey of avian mortality on power lines in the Overberg, South Africa. Ostrich 81:109-113.