Honorary Research Associates

Dr Patrick O'Farrell



   BSc Economics, Environmental Science (UCT) 1994
   BSc (Hons) Environmental Science (UCT) 1995
   MSc Conservation Biology (UCT) 1997
   PhD Ecology (UCT) 2005



Resarch focus

My work focusses on understanding social-ecological landscapes within a development and conservation context. I have explored the area of ecosystem services from diverse perspectives and have worked on the measurement, quantification, modelling and spatial mapping of services flows of the associated ecological processes, and sought to establish the values that people attribute to these within in variety of landscapes. Through necessity this has involved interdisciplinary engagements, developing spatially explicit models and scenarios.  My core conservation interest is to understand how society benefits from natural systems, what factors impact on these, and how we can set about enhancing human wellbeing through informed conservation and land management practices.

I am involved in a number of international think tanks, research panels, and synthesis assessments relating to resilience, ecosystem services, the SDGs, understanding the plural values of nature and human wellbeing. Most notably I am a coordinating lead author of the International Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES), values assessment. This particular assessment seeks to understand, and report on, the plurality of values that people attribute to nature, towards developing a better understanding of people’s relational and instrumental values. I also served as a lead author on the regional African and Global IPBES assessment chapters exploring biodiversity impacts.

About Patrick

My research career started in 2000 when I was employed as an ecologist at the National Botanical Institute, working on their conservation farming project in the arid landscapes of the Succulent and Nama Karoo. After completing my PhD in 2006 I was employed as a Senior Researcher in the Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services research group at the CSIR. I became the research leader of this group in 2014 and served in this role until mid-2019. I now work as a freelance researcher, supporting institutions like the UN, SANBI, OKACOM, and INR. Aside from conservation, biodiversity and ecosystem services I have a keen interest in biomimicry and green technology. I like campervans, cats, Greek food, and waterslides, I dislike capitalism, standing in queues, chocolate with nuts and completing surveys.

Student supervision

• Jared Davis - MPhil (EGS, University of Cape Town), graduated 2012 
• Thozamile Yapi - MSc (ConsEcol, Stellenbosch University), graduated 2013 
• Ryan Blanchard - PhD (BotZoo, Stellenbosch University), graduated 2014 
• Gregg Brill - PhD (EGS, University of Cape Town), graduated 2017 
• Fezile Mathenjwa – Mphil (EGS, University of Cape Town), graduated 2017 
• Luke Potgieter – PhD (BotZoo, Stellenbosch), graduated 2019 
• Quraisha Bux – MSc (EGS, University of Cape Town), graduated 2019 
• Nicholaus Mwageni – PhD (Economics, Ardhi University, Dar es Salaam), graduated July 2019 
• Janis Smith – PhD (ConsEcol, Stellenbosch), current 
• Nadia Wessels – PhD (ConsEcol, Stellenbosch) current 

Recent publications

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