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Kim Zoeller

Kim Zoeller

Cell: 079 088 1413


Appointed from May 2016, Kim is facilitating a research programme using birds and birders as model species with which to explore and develop the concept of cultural ecosystem services. Her early interest in exploring ecosystem dynamics and the services they provide was propelled by her studies at the University of Cape Town, where she obtained a BSc in Biodiversity and Ecology, & Evolutionary Biology (2011), a BSc (Honours) in Botany (2012) and an MSc in Botany (2014). Her MSc explored the breeding and pollination systems of four geoflorous Protea species. Following her MSc, Kim began working as an Environmental and Climate Change Consultant in Cape Town. Following 15 months in consulting, her interest in cultural ecosystem services lead her back to UCT, where her passion for research has expanded.