Conservation Biology Masters Students (2017-18)

Sydney Davis



Sydney Davis


Sydney discovered her passion for animals and wildlife while exploring the local ecosystems around her Midwestern home in Chicago, Illinois, USA. Sydney attended the University of San Diego in California where she studied biology and chemistry and became involved in shark conservation projects off the shores of La Jolla, California where there is a huge leopard shark population. Sydney studied abroad in Tanzania and Kenya for 6 months during her undergraduate career. She wrote her honours thesis on the environmental effects of pastoralism and agriculture in designated wildlife sanctuaries, including impacts on the behaviour of giraffes. Sydney has also worked as a summer camp counsellor and teacher for young children interested in science subjects from wildlife, environmental science, physics, chemistry etc. She hopes that the CB Masters course will help to prepare her for a career in conservation, and provide her a new perspective on international conservation issues and efforts around the world. In her spare time, Sydney enjoys hiking, exercising, cooking, and exploring new places.

The movement and landscape use of blue cranes in the Western Cape. (Supervisors: Peter Ryan, Tanya Smith)