Conservation Biology Masters Students (2017-18)

Phoebe Mottram



Phoebe Mottram


Having grown up on a dairy farm in Cheshire, England, Phoebe has always been passionate about nature and discovering the natural world. Being surrounded by cows, chickens and a whole host of British wildlife in her childhood led her to study for an honours degree in Geography at the University of St Andrews in Scotland. This degree gave her the qualitative and quantitative skills to develop a career in research ecology. Phoebe worked on a number of ecological and environmental projects, including coral reef research in the British Virgin Islands and Benguela dolphin research in Namibia, before finding her home in the South African bush, where she has been a field guide for the past year. Phoebe specialises in trail guiding, where she believes that guests get to experience the bush on a much more intimate level and observe things often missed from a vehicle. Phoebe is passionate about tracking and has committed a significant amount of time to improving her skills. She also enjoys birding, hiking, travelling and any activity which involves the oceans around Cape Town. Phoebe hopes that the MSc in Conservation Biology will allow her to play an important role in protecting and conserving areas of South Africa and further afield which are currently under threat. She would like to use her passion for ecological research to develop long term monitoring projects which can lead to informed policy decisions. 

Landscape utilisation by a reintroduced pack of African Wild Dogs (Lycaon pictus) in eastern Botswana. (Supervisors: Justin O'Riain, Andrei Snyman, Gareth Mann)