Conservation Biology Masters Students (2017-18)

Dave van Beuningen



Dave van Beuningen


Growing up on a farm in Zimbabwe, an appreciation for the natural world was instilled in Dave from an early age. However Dave’s true passion lies in the marine environment. After completing a BSc. in Marine Biology and Ecology, Dave volunteered for Oceans Research in Mossel Bay: an organisation which studies many aspects of the marine environment, but focuses particularly on great white sharks. It was here that Dave grew to respect these enigmatic animals, and discovered that he wanted to work in marine conservation. Dave was fortunate to be invited back after his Honours degree to work for Oceans Research as a Field Specialist where he gained valuable field research skills and was able to transfer these to the many volunteers that passed through the programme. He then travelled to Mozambique to do a Dive Masters course for three months, and came back to Hermanus in South Africa to work as Operations Manager for the South African Shark Conservancy, an NGO dedicated to promoting the conservation and sustainable use of living marine resources. Dave has spent the last two years as Research Technician for Shark Spotters, an organisation which aims to foster the sustainable coexistence between people and sharks using a simple but effective shark safety strategy. It was here that Dave really saw how humans and sharks can coexist in a sustainable manner, and he aims to use this philosophy to ensure that humans and nature can coexist sustainably in future.

Environmental predictors of Carcharodon carcharias presence at two popular beaches in False Bay, South Africa, using acoustic telemetry. (Supervisors: Justin O'Riain, Alison Kock)