Conservation Biology Masters Students (2018/19)

Thinabakho Ncube



Thinabakho Ncube


Thina is a lively township girl who loves gardening, taking care of animals and marvelling at nature's beauty. She believes that we will one day wake up to a truly awful sight where most of our biodiversity has been completely lost, if we as a people continue to destroy and overexploit the environment for our own selfish and profitable gain. This belief caused Thina to take a leap of faith and switch from the field of Physical Geography (in which she obtained her undergraduate and Honours degrees) to a Masters in Conservation Biology to acquire in depth knowledge of the various themes taught on the course. She hopes the training she receives at the University of Cape Town will help her to become the person the world so evidently needs. The themes of the Conservation Biology Masters course at the FitzPatrick Institute are aligned with Thina’s research interests. She is especially passionate about landscape ecology and GIS, urban ecology and conservation leadership. Thina’s ambition is to be a person of integrity in various spheres including government, non-government organizations and academia, a voice for the voiceless and an Earth Warrior. Thina says “Our biodiversity is being degraded at unprecedented rates; frankly as a people we should be ashamed of ourselves. I want to be a tool for change!”

The effect of fire frequency and seasonality on the population dynamics of the critically endangered Clanwilliam cedar (Supervisor: Vernon Visser)