Conservation Biology Masters Students (2018/19)

Joshua Weiss



Joshua Weiss


Joshua was born and bred in Johannesburg. From a very early age, he was exposed to the natural world and wildlife. He was fortunate to travel regularly and widely around South Africa and further afield; developing a deep passion and fascination for biodiversity and the outdoors. He decided to turn this into a career when he pursued a BSc in Geography and Environmental Sciences at Wits University. During his studies he became particularly interested in GIS/spatial analysis, landscape ecology, protected area networks (and their social impacts), land use management and conservation planning. These interests led him to focus his BSc Hons (Ecology & Conservation) research on performing a spatial meta-analysis of land use in key catchments in Mpumalanga, including assessing runoff quality and associated opportunities for sustainable development. Subsequent to graduation, he completed his Level 1 field guiding qualification and assisted with various ecological research projects including biodiversity assessments and processing rhino poaching scenes in the Kruger National Park. For over two years before joining the CB class, Joshua was a zoologist at a wildlife monitoring consultancy which was primarily involved in conducting bat monitoring at wind energy facilities across South Africa - looking at sensitivity mapping, species assemblages, activity patterns, fatality data and impacts on avifauna. This year, he is hoping to experience new challenges and expand his conservation and ecological skillset and knowledge to a new level. Joshua can usually be found birdwatching, cycling, playing hockey or most likely, in his natural habitat, mountains – hiking or trail running.

Spatio-temporal changes in riparian vegetation of the Kruger National Park: drivers and implications for biodiversity. (Supervisors: Michael Cramer, Dave Thompson)