Conservation Biology Masters Students (2020/21)

Hannah Edwards





Hannah was born and raised in Melbourne, Australia. She has always loved animals and nature, spending her childhood camping with her family on the east coast of Australia during holidays and horse riding competitively for many years. Hannah is very interested in canids and, following high school, she worked with domestic dogs in animal shelters and as an Animal Management Officer. Hannah first visited Africa in 2008, participating in an overland trip and developing a deep passion for Africa and its wildlife. After becoming disillusioned with the societal impact of her work and spending a month volunteering with Carnivore Research Malawi in 2015, Hannah decided to return to university in order to follow her passion and pursue a career in carnivore ecology and conservation. She completed a Bachelor of Science majoring in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at The University of Melbourne in 2019.

While studying, Hannah volunteered as much as possible to gain experience in conservation. Returning to Africa during her holidays each year, she volunteered with Carnivore Research Malawi for a second time in 2016, and with the Endangered Wildlife Trust’s Drylands Conservation Programme in 2017, 2018 and 2019. Highlights of her volunteering include assisting with training a scent detection dog to locate riverine rabbits, radio-tracking spotted hyena, assisting with the releases of a cheetah and a serval, camera trapping, and assisting with de-snaring a spotted hyena. Hannah hopes that the Conservation Biology Masters Course will enable her to build upon the skills and knowledge she has gained through her studies and voluntary experiences, transfer her skills and knowledge to an African context, and enable her to pursue a career in the ecology and conservation of carnivores in Africa.