Conservation Biology Masters Students (2015/16)

Hermenegildo Matimele

Hermenegildo Matimele


Hermenegildo (Hermen) was born and grew up in Inhambane Province, Mozambique, a region well known for its beaches and scenic beauty. His fascination for natural sciences led him to pursue a BSc Degree in chemistry and biology teaching. During his BSc studies he developed an interest in botany, and in 2008 he joined the National Herbarium of Mozambique as a volunteer; 18 months later he became an employee. In the early stage of his career as a botanist he was involved in the first extensive expedition to sample the biodiversity of Mount Mabu in Zambezia Province. The results of this expedition were fundamental for inclusion of Mount Mabu on the conservation map. After this incredible experience, he became very passionate about biological diversity conservation, and since then, his research interests include biodiversity conservation matters. Given his passion and working experience in this area, an MSc in Conservation Biology seemed to be logical next step in his career. He believes that a better understanding of the steps needed to safeguard our natural heritage is paramount for sustainable development, particularly in the Mozambican context, where the environment is rapidly changing due to industrialization and mining exploration.


An assessment of the distribution and conservation status of endemic and near endemic plant species in Maputaland, Mozambique. (Supervisors: Timm Hoffman, Domitilla Raimondo, Jonathan Timberlake)