Conservation Biology Masters Students (2015/16)

Penny Pistorius

Penny Pistorius


Penny grew up on a farm outside Pietermaritzburg and this, together with numerous nature-centered holidays, is where her love of open, natural spaces stems from. She completed a BSc in Ecology at the University of KwaZulu-Natal, with Honours in Wildlife Science, before heading out into the working world. After a few months in an office-based job, she craved getting into the bush and worked as a field guide for the next two and a half years. Her experiences there are memories she holds very dear. After a couple of jobs at Environmental Consultancies and three years of teaching High School Biology, Penny decided to more actively follow her passion for conservation and hence the move back to student-life. She hopes to contribute to the conservation of functioning natural ecosystems and the preservation of the open spaces she enjoys so much.


How air temperature affects flight initiation distance in arid-zone birds (Supervisors: Susan Cunningham, Rowan Martin)