Conservation Biology Masters Students (2016/17)

Tendai Chinho

Tendai Chinho


Tendai always enjoyed the outdoors but at the age of 18, with the influence of the Discovery and Animal Planet Channels, she made the decision to become a wildlife conservationist and hasn’t looked back since. She enrolled and completed her BSc in Forest Resources and Wildlife Management at the National University of Science and Technology in Zimbabwe, during which time she also worked in Gonarezhou National Park as a research assistant and carried out research on habitat suitability for the Common Hippopotamus in the park. She had the privilege of presenting her hippo research paper at the Zimbabwe Research Symposium in 2015. Since graduation, she has held a number of jobs including teaching at primary schools and instilling an appreciation of nature into the young minds and carrying out biodiversity assessments for EIA reports. She is also an active member of Birdlife Zimbabwe and participates in most and if not all youth projects. Her desire and passion for both wildlife conservation and Zimbabwe has fuelled her goal of becoming a competent conservationist able to see to the sustainable utilisation of Zimbabwe’s resources. To fulfil this goal she believes she needs the MSc in Conservation Biology programme. The programme will also broaden her knowledge at a regional level and also the continent as a whole. Tendai enjoys hiking, bird identification, reading, playing volleyball and trying out new food.


Testing the information centre hypothesis in a breeding seabird colong: foraging information exchange in breeding Cape gannet (Morus capensis) pairs. Supervisors: Peter Ryan, Lorien Pichegru