Conservation Biology Masters Students (2016/17)

Matthew Macray

Matthew Macray


Matthew Macray grew up in Harare, Zimbabwe. Despite growing up in the city he has always had a great passion for the natural world, though as a child this may have been limited to catching grasshoppers and geckos in his garden. During his gap year he attended Quest Africa, a personal development course where the natural acumen (which incorporates guiding, conservation, hunting and natural management) was a primary focus, as it was based in a nature reserve. Matthew completed his Bachelor’s degree in Applied and Marine Biology followed by an Honours degree in Biological Sciences at UCT in 2015. He is fascinated by exploring new ways of thinking and tackling problems. Being a very keen angler and inclined towards the outdoors, Matthew has been fortunate to have had many eye-opening adventures throughout Southern Africa. Other noteworthy experiences include visiting Alaska and the Yellowstone National Park in the USA, as well as observing the gorillas in Rwanda. Visiting these places has exposed him to different approaches to management and conservation of these diverse systems. This has fuelled his interest in unique conservation strategies. Matthew believes that there can never be too many conservationists in the world.


Tortoise mortalities along fences in the south eastern Karoo, South Africa. (Supervisors: Peter Ryan, Alan Lee, Graham Alexander)