Conservation Biology Masters Students (2016/17)

Maggie Parrish

Maggie Parrish


Maggie gained her appreciation for the natural world during a childhood spent exploring the forests and coastal areas near her home in the north-eastern United States. Maggie attended Colby College in Maine, where she studied biology and was involved in a number of botanical research projects. As an undergraduate, Maggie spent five months studying ecology in Kruger National Park. During her time in Kruger, Maggie was able to develop her interest in conservation biology and began to explore ways of becoming involved in local and international conservation efforts. Maggie has worked on large-scale conservation projects for the U.S. Bureau of Land Management in the southwestern United States, and on small-scale conservation projects for a land trust in her hometown. She is particularly interested in native plant conservation. She hopes that the CB Masters course will help to prepare her for a career in conservation and provide her with a global perspective. In her spare time, Maggie enjoys hiking, trail running, reading, and spending time near the ocean.


Heavy grazing in the Highveld: impact on forb communities. (Supervisors: Jeremy Midgely, Sally Archibald)