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Davide Gaglio

Davide Gaglio
MSc (Bologna)

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Born and raised in Sicily, Davide has developed a deep connection with wildlife, witnessing the beauty around him and the need for its protection since a young boy. Davide began his academic studies at the University of Palermo (Italy) in the Department of Animal Biology, where he completed a Bachelor’s degree, followed by an Honours in Natural Science with majors in Conservation and Management of Natural Resources in 2003. Two years later he undertook a Masters course in 'Sustainable development and management of farming-systems' at the University of Bologna (Italy). In the last ten years he has been involved in several projects in various part of the world (Europe, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand), mostly related to conservation of birds and environmental education, and this has increased his enthusiasm and commitment to environmental issues. His interests are diverse but focus around the interaction between wildlife and people. His particular passion is the study of the ecology and conservation of waterbirds and seabirds.

Davide is also a keen photographer - visit his website at:

Thesis (submitted March 2017)

Investigating the foraging ecology and energy requirements of a seabird increasing in an intensely exploited marine environment (Supervisors: Timothée Cook, Richard Sherley and Peter Ryan)