Conservation Biology MSc

Salamatu Abdu

Salamatu Abdu


Salamatu grew up in Northern Nigeria. After completing high school, she obtained a BSc degree in Zoology at the Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria. During her third year she completed a six-month internship in a parasitology and protozoology laboratory at the faculty of Veterinary Medicine, conducting research on the prevalence of parasites in wild birds in Zaria Kaduna State. After graduating in 2012, she undertook several field trips, which exposed her to wildlife conservation and how animals interact with their environment. She has a passion for travelling and watching birds, and greatly appreciates the opportunity to study at UCT. Coming to South Africa is a milestone for Salamatu, and she hopes to gain and share knowledge that will contribute to the conservation of wildlife.


Does the availability of shade limit use of water holes by desert birds? (Supervisors: Susan Cunningham and Peter Ryan)