Masters Students (Dissertation)

Amanda Kyne

Amanda Kyne
BSc (Wesleyan University)

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Amanda had the benefit of growing up on a large tree farm in rural Pennsylvania in the United States. This meant that Amanda spent lots of time outdoors observing the natural world and instilled a passion and appreciation for nature. Amanda completed her undergraduate studies in 2011 at Wesleyan University in Connecticut with majors in Biology and Environmental Studies specializing in Climate Change. As part of her undergraduate degree, Amanda had the opportunity to travel to South Africa for the first time, where she gained her first experience in avian research. Amanda’s interest in birds was further reinforced during an internship after graduation working with the San Diego Institute for Conservation Research in their Hawaiian Endangered Bird Program on the Big Island of Hawaii. Amanda’s passion for birds and conservation convinced her to uproot and join the Fitzpatrick Institute in 2014 to begin a masters degree on the allometry of flight feathers and investigating the implication for moult strategies in a wide variety of bird species.


The allometry of flight feathers. (Supervisor: Peter Ryan)

Peer-Reviewed Publications

Kyne A.K., and Diver K. 2013. Climate change and autumn colors in New England’s forests. Northeastern Geographer 4(1): 34-53.