Masters Students (Dissertation)

John Pallett

John Pallett

John Pallett
BSc (Hons) (Wits)

Tel (W): +264 61 220579
Cell: +264 81 2402528


John was last a student about 30 years ago, taking a degree in geology and zoology at Wits and then Honours in zoology, before making his home in Namibia. Since then he has been involved in jobs with a diminishing amount of biology, and is currently an environmental consultant with the Southern African Institute for Environmental Assessment. A desire to reconnect with real animals, and to apply some real science to an industry problem, prompted him to volunteer for power line surveys under the NamPower – Namibia Nature Foundation Strategic Partnership, investigating wildlife conflicts with power lines.

The work takes him through sub-zero and 40+ temperatures in southern Namibia, over vast farms populated by dimwitted sheep, to pick up unlucky bustards that have collided against the long transmission wires that crisscross the country. In the process he hopes to learn something about bustards and help electrical engineers come up with solutions to the vexing problem of power line collisions.


Collisions of large birds, especially bustards, with power lines in Namibia: significance and possible solutions (Supervisors: Peter Ryan & Ann Scott).