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Jenni Roberts

Dominic Henry

Jenni Roberts
BSc (Hons) (UCT)

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Jenni came from Namibia to do her undergrad at UCT, majoring in Ecology and Marine Biology in 2011, followed by Zoology honours in 2012. Her honours project was on the effects of temperature on nesting bank cormorants. In 2013 Jenni was a volunteer research assistant for the Oxford Navigation Group, working mostly on manx shearwaters as well as European puffins and razorbills on several UK islands.

Jenni registered for a MSc at the Fitz at the beginning of 2014, tracking African penguins in the non-breeding season to assess overlap with pelagic fisheries.


African Penguins (Spheniscus demersus) distribution during the non-breeding season: preparation for, and recovery from, a moulting fast. (Supervisor: Peter Ryan)