Conservation Biology Coursework Masters turns 21!

8 Feb 2012 - 15:30

The Conservation Biology Coursework Masters programme has produced over 200 MSc graduates since it began in 1992 (See Conservation Biology MSc Graduates) and in the next few weeks the class of 2011 will be submitting their mini-theses in preparation for graduation in June. We'd like to take this opportunity to wish them well and to welcome the class that's just registered - the 21st Conservation Biology Coursework Masters class!

Daniël Cloete Lea Cohen Kimon de Greef Vera Liebau
Louise (Lou) Palframan Wade Lane Koebraa Peters Conservation Biology Coursework Masters: Class of 2012
Craig Harding Christine (Chrissie) Madden Jayaneesh (Jah) Namah Heinz Ortmann
Katherine (Kat) Forsythe Jessica Greenston Kirsten Retief Carolyn (Caz) Sanguinetti

Conservation Biology Coursework Masters: Class of 2012: They are, from left to right: top row: Daniël Cloete, Lea Cohen, Kimon de Greef, Vera Liebau; second row: Louise (Lou) Palframan, Wade Lane, Koebraa Peters; third row: Craig Harding, Christine (Chrissie) Madden, Jayaneesh (Jah) Namah, Heinz Ortmann; and fourth row: Katherine (Kat) Forsythe, Jessica Greenston, Kirsten Retief, Carolyn (Caz) Sanguinetti.