Electronic copies of all Conservation Biology MSc projects now available online!

4 Apr 2012 - 10:15

For more about the Niven Library see the Niven Library page on the Fitz website or take a look at the Niven Library Guide on UCT's website.

The Niven Library has launched electronic copies of all Conservation Biology MSc Projects back to the first class of 1992. Thanks go to Phelisa Hans for painstakingly digitising all the copies which were not available electronically, i.e. everything pre-2003. Thanks also to René Navarro from the Animal Demography Unit for hosting the electronic copies on the ADU server and making the links to the library catalogue.

If you wish to see an electronic copy of one of these theses, you can either look up the name of the student on the Niven Library catalogue, or, get a list of all 214 theses (up to 2011 graduates) by using the 'simple search option' of the Niven Library catalogue. Choose 'Thesis note' from the drop down menu and type 'conservation biology' in the first search box.

Graduates will be pleased to know that each thesis includes a UCT copyright statement.