Fitz News in Africa - Birds & Birding: Something fishy

4 Apr 2012 - 10:15

PFIAO. 2012. News from the Percy FitzPatrick Institute. Something fishy. Africa Birds & Birding 17(2):22.

Given the ongoing decreases in African Penguin numbers, it is not surprising that considerable effort is being devoted to better understanding the causes of the population collapse over the past decade. Although penguins face significant problems on land (for example, extreme weather events, disease and the predation of eggs and chicks), the main threats appear to be at sea and are linked to reduced food availability, oil pollution and predation. Post-doctoral Fellow Lorien Pichegru has devoted the past four years to studying the African Penguin ‘problem’ in Nelson Mandela Bay, Eastern Cape, where St Croix and Bird islands support almost half of all remaining pairs of African Penguins. Numerous questions remain, but some interesting results have emerged. More...

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