New African gamebird book by Rob Little

15 Sep 2016 - 12:45

A monograph on the terrestrial gamebirds and snipes of Africa by Rob Little will be at all major book shops next week. Terrestrial Gamebirds and Snipes of Africa covers the 74 species of upland gamebirds and snipes found in Africa according to six groups: guineafowls and Congo Peafowl (7 species), francolins and partridges (20 species), spurfowls (24 species), quails (3 species), sandgrouse (13 species) and snipes and Eurasian Woodcock (7 species). This handbook offers a concise summary of the large but scattered body of accumulated scientific research and field guide literature. Pertinent and interesting facts about the distribution, habits, breeding and conservation of each species are presented in a readable fashion. Over 250 photographs convey the appearance, characteristic features, behavioural activities, and in many cases the habitat environment of each bird. Terrestrial Gamebirds and Snipes of Africa is a worthy addition to the ornithological literature and to the bookshelves of bird enthusiasts, particularly birders, wing-shooters, land owners and anyone with an interest in nature and conservation, throughout Africa and across the rest of the world.