Please report any sightings of ringed Swift Terns

23 Jun 2015 - 13:45

For the third consecutive year, researchers from the Percy FitzPatrick Institute at the University of Cape Town marked 500 Swift Terns chicks with metal and individually engraved colour-rings in April 2015. Birders and members of the public are kindly asked to report ring colours to track the juvenile’s dispersal around the coast. Rings are orange and yellow (with black text) and green and blue (with white text), and are engraved with a letter and a number (e.g. Y7). 

Here is some info from PhD student Davide Gaglio's blog: 

If you see any ringed birds, please record their location as accurately as possible (GPS ideally), 
date and time of sighting, ring colour, letters on the ring (if legible), which leg is the colour-ring and age class (juvenile or immature). If the bird is dead, please also record the number of the metal ring. Please send the information to Davide Gaglio at and SAFRING