Study opportunities at NMU in collaboration with the FitzPatrick Institute

14 Jan 2019 - 09:15

We invite applications for 1 x MSc and 1 x PhD study opportunity to study "Small Procellariiformes as indicators of ecosystem changes and plastic pollution". This project intends to use small burrowing nesting  seabirds breeding on the Prince Edward islands, the Tristan da Cunha archipelago and possibly Antarctica as indicators of the health and status of the Southern Ocean ecosystem. One aspect of the project focuses on the trophic ecology of these species that will be determined using direct (identification of prey remains) and indirect (stable isotopes, lipids) approaches. The second aspect uses the birds as biological samplers to investigate the extent of plastic pollution in the Southern Ocean. Micro and macro-plastic pollution  loads will be estimated mostly from seabird stomach contents and pellets. The combination of contemporary data with historical works will inform on the impact of global change on marine ecosystems as well as temporal trends in pollution loads.

Download the advertisement here.  Closing date: 31 January, 2019