Vacancy: BirdLife South Africa Seabird Conservation Programme Manager

25 Mar 2019 - 09:45

BirdLife South Africa is looking for a well-qualified, experienced and innovative Seabirds Conservation Programme Manager to head the organisation’s Seabird Conservation Programme, implement African Penguin and Ecosystem Approach to Fisheries projects, and to manage the programme’s seabird conservation projects and staff.  The ideal candidate would be dedicated, strategic, innovative and dynamic with a passion for conservation. 

The Seabird Conservation Programme Manager will be committed to BLSA’s vision and mission, and be willing to work collaboratively with other organisations, regional and internationally, to further the conservation cause of seabirds in particular.  The Seabird Conservation Programme Manager will report directly to BLSA’s Conservation Manager.

Download the full advert here.  Closing date: April 27, 2019.