On Promotion

von Michaëlis, H., and Bird, A. 196-. Our birds, 8 colour plates. 2nd edition, 1st printing. Cape Town. Privately Published.

"Heinrich Von Michaëlis (1912 - 1990) was a South African artist (painter, sculptor), ornithologist, pilot and expert in gliding. Born in 1912 in Germany to a German father and South African mother, he returned to his mother's native country in 1937. He died in 1990.  A set of eight colour plates, mounted on stiff grey paper sheets. Together with a four page Introduction and Explanation. Plates and Introduction inside decorated cardboard presentation folder." (


Weidensaul, S. 1999. Living on the wind, across the hemisphere with migratory birds. New York. North Point Press. 

"Migration paths form an elaborate global web that shows serious signs of fraying, and Weidensaul delves into the tragedies of habitat degradation and deforestation with an urgency that brings to life the vast problems these miraculous migrants now face. Living on the Wind is a magisterial work of nature writing." (Goodreads)


Hancock, JA et al. 1992. Storks, Ibises and Spoonbills of the world. London: Academic Press.

"Some of the world's largest and most spectacular birds are to be found among this group of wading birds. Tragically, they also include many of the world's most endangered species, as changes in land use erode their wetland habitats. Some like the White Stork have lived alongside humans for hundreds of years and are well known from numerous studies. Others, like the Storm's stork and ibises of West Africa, South-East Asia and South America live so secluded a life in the remote corners of the globe that they will probably be extinct before even the most basic details of their biology are known.  In this monograph, three authors and two artists have combined their skills to capture what is known of this group of wading birds." (


Hosking E. 1970. An eye for a bird, the autobiography of a bird photographer. London: Hutchinson. 302p 

"To anyone interested in photography and ornithology - for whom this book is a 'must' - the name of Eric Hosking is already a legend, but his autobiography will have an appeal far beyond readers who share his two enthusiasms. As the account of a remarkable man who started his career with few advantages and yet has reached the top of his profession, An Eye for a Bird is full of adventure and incident." (Amazon)


Burton, R. 1985. Bird behaviour. London : Granada

"A leading British bird expert's detailed survey of bird behavior in the wild is enhanced by nearly seven hundred full-color photographs, nearly all specially commissioned, of key aspects of bird behavior" (Google Books)