On Promotion

Broekhuysen, G.J., Perry, J., ill. 1969. Field-guide to the birds of the South African sea-shore. Cape Town. Howard Timmins.

"In this book the reader is introduced to all the different types of birds which frequent the sandy and rocky beaches and the beaches of the estuaries along the sea-shore of Southern Africa. The book has been planned for the interested layman who has had no biological training." (Blurb)


Sinclair, I. 1984. Ian Sinclair's field guide to the birds of Southern Africa. Cape Town: Struik.

"The book is divided into 153 plates, each grouping similar birds which are often difficult to distinguish in the field. Facing each plate is a succinct, comparative description drawing attention to those diagnostic or distinctive characters that make field identification easy." (Blurb)


Newman K. 1983. Newman's birds of southern Africa. Johannesburg. Macmillan.

"'No true birdlover can afford to be without this memorable and outstanding book.' Daily News" (Cover)


Newman, K. 1969. Roadside birds of South Africa. a traveller's guide to the birds of the highways. Cape Town. Purnell.

"This book is for all who travel the highways and byways of Southern Africa and who appreciate the natural wonders which unfold before them." (Blurb) 



Bolster, R.C. 1931. Land and sea birds of the south-west Cape. Cape Town: Speciality Press of S. Africa.

"A quick reference guide. Containing descriptions of all the birds in the area, with notes on their habits and every device for rapid identification. With 57 coloured plates and chart.... His presentation is unique - certainly for South African bird books. The sections are thumb-indexed - Introductory Chapters, Colour Plates, Veld and Mountain, Garden, Forest and Bush, Rivers and Vleis, Sea and Coast, and Bird Protection and Appendices." (