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Abhilash, P.C., Bastianoni, S., Chen, W., DeFries, R., Fraceto, L.F., Fuckar, N.S., Hashimoto, S., Hunter, D., Keesstra, S., Merah, O., O’Farrell, P., Pradhan, P., Singh, S., Smith, P., Stringer, L.C. and Turner, B.L. 2021. Introducing ‘Anthropocene Science’: A new international journal for addressing human impact on the resilience of planet earth. Anthropocene Science. NO IF

Acácio, M., Mullers, R.H., Franco, A., Willems, F.J. and Amar, A. 2021. Changes in surface water drive the movements of Shoebills. Scientific Reports 11. IF: 4.379

Adekola, O.E., Crawford, R.J.M., Dyer, B.M., Makhado, A.B., Upfold, L., and Ryan, P.G. 2021. Timing, duration and symmetry of moult in Cape Gannets. Ostrich 92. IF: 1.364

Assou, D., Elwin, A., Norrey, J., Coulthard, E., Megson, D., Ronfot, D., Auliya, M., Segniagbeto, G.H., Martin, R.O. and D'Cruze, N. 2021. Trade in African Grey Parrots for belief-based use: insights from West Africa's largest traditional medicine market. Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution 9. IF: 4.171

Bates A.E. et al (including Cunningham, S.J., Sumasgutner, P., Amar, A., Thomson, R.L., Stofberg, M., Hofmeyr, S., Suri, J., Ryan, P.G., Maclean, K. and Weideman, E.A.) 2021. Global COVID-19 lockdown highlights humans as both threats and custodians of the environment. Biological Conservation 263. IF: 5.990

Beal, M., Dias, M.P., Phillips, R.A., Oppel, S., Hazin, C., Pearmain, E.J., Adams, J., Anderson, D.J., Antolos, M., Arata, J.A. and Arcos, J.M., … Cleeland, J., … Dilley, B.J., … Makhado, A., … Ryan, P.G., … Schoombie, S., … Stevens, K.L., … Wanless, R. et al. 2021. Global political responsibility for the conservation of albatrosses and large petrels. Science Advances 7: eabd7225. IF: 14.136

Bernard, A., Rodrigues, A.S., Cazalis, V. and Grémillet, D. 2021. Toward a global strategy for seabird tracking. Conservation Letters. IF: 8.105

Bonnet-Lebrun, A.S., Dias, M.P., Phillips, R.A., Granadeiro, J.P., Brooke, M.D.L., Chastel, O., Clay, T.A., Fayet, A.L., Gilg, O., González-Solís, J. and Guilford, T., Hanssen, S.A., Hedd, A., Jaeger, A., Krietsch, J., Lang, J., Le Corre, M., Militão, T., Moe, B., Montevecchi, W.A., Peter, H.-U., Pinet, P., Rayner, M.J., Reid, T., Reyes-González, J.M., Ryan, P.G., Sagar, P.M., Schmidt, N.M., Thompson, D.R., van Bemmelen, R., Watanuki, Y., Weimerskirch, H., Yamamoto, T. and Catry, P. 2021. Seabird migration strategies: flight budgets, diel activity patterns, and lunar influence. Frontiers in Marine Science 8. IF: 4.912

Bourne, A.R., Ridley, A.R., McKechnie, A.E., Spottiswoode, C.N. and Cunningham, S.J. 2021. Dehydration risk is associated with reduced nest attendance and hatching success in a cooperatively breeding bird, the southern pied babbler Turdoides bicolor. Conservation Physiology 9. IF: 3.079

Bourne, A.R., Ridley, A.R., Spottiswoode, C.N. and Cunningham, S.J. 2021. Direct and indirect effects of high temperatures on fledging in a cooperatively breeding bird. Behavioral Ecology. IF: 2.671

Bourret, V., Gutiérrez López, R., Melo, M. and Loiseau, C. 2021. Metabarcoding options to study eukaryotic endoparasites of birds. Ecology and Evolution. IF: 2.912

Brlík, V., Pipek, P., Brandis, K., Chernetsov, N., Costa, F.J., Herrera M, L.G., Kiat, Y., Lanctot, R.B., Marra, P.P., Norris, D.R., Nwaogu, C.J., Quillfeldt, P., Saalfeld, S.T., Stricker, C.A., Thomson, R.L., Zhao, T. and Procházka, P. 2021. The reuse of avian samples: opportunities, pitfalls, and a solution. Ibis. IF: 2.517

Buechley, E.R., Girardello, M., Santangeli, A., Ruffo, A.D., Ayalew, G., Abebe, Y.D., Barber, D.R., Buij, R., Bildstein, K., Mahamued, B.A. and Neate-Clegg, M.H. 2021. Priority areas for vulture conservation in the Horn of Africa largely fall outside the protected area network. Bird Conservation International. IF: 2.287

Bux, Q., Anderson, P. and O'Farrell, P. 2021. Understanding the local biodiversity and open space strategies in two South African cities. Ecology and Society 26. IF: 4.403

Caves, E.M., Dixit, T., Colebrook-Robjent, J.F.R., Hamusikili, L., Stevens, M., Thorogood, R., Spottiswoode, C.N. 2021. Hosts elevate either within-clutch consistency or between-clutch distinctiveness of egg phenotypes in defence against brood parasites. Proceedings of the Royal Society B 288. IF: 5.349

Coetzee, A., Seymour, C.L. and Spottiswoode, C.N. 2021. Facilitation and competition shape a geographical mosaic of flower colour polymorphisms. Functional Ecology.  IF: 5.608

Connan, M., Perold, V., Dilley, B.J., Barbraud, C., Cherel, Y. and Ryan, P.G. 2021. The Indian Ocean ‘garbage patch’: Empirical evidence from floating macro-litter. Marine Pollution Bulletin 169. IF: 5.553

Cumming, G.S., Henry, D.A., Mutumi, G.L. and Ndlovu, M. 2021. Understanding arid‐region waterbird community dynamics during lake dry‐downs. Ecosphere 12. IF: 3.171

D’Amelio, P.B., Ferreira, A.C., Fortuna, R., Paquet, M., Silva, L.R., Theron, F., Doutrelant, C. and Covas, R. 2021. Disentangling climatic and nest predator impact on reproductive output reveals adverse high‐temperature effects regardless of helper number in an arid‐region cooperative bird. Ecology Letters. IF: 9.492

Davies, T., Carneiro, A.P.B., Tarzia, M., Wakefield, E., Hennicke, J., Frederiksen, M., Hansen, E.S., Campos, B., Hazin, C., Lascelles, B., Anker-Nilssen, T., Arnardóttir, H., Barrett, R.T., Biscoito, M., Bollache, L., Boulinier, T., Catry, P., Ceia, F.R., Chastel, O., Christensen-Dalsgaard, S., Cruz-Flores, M., Danielsen, J., Daunt, F., Dunn, E., Egevang, C., Fagundes, A.I., Fayet, A.L., Fort, J., Furness, R.W., Gilg, O., González-Solís, J., Granadeiro, J.P., Grémillet, D., Guilford, T., Hanssen, S.A., Harris, M.P., Hedd, A., Huffeldt, N.P., Jessopp, M., Kolbeinsson, Y., Krietsch, J., Lang, J., Linnebjerg, J.F., Lorentsen, S-H., Madeiros, J., Magnusdottir, E., Mallory, M.L., Tranquilla, L.M., Merkel, F.R., Militão, T., Moe, B., Montevecchi, W.A., Morera-Pujol, V., Mosbech, A., Neves, V., Newell, M.A., Olsen, B., Paiva, V.H., Peter, H-U., Petersen, A., Phillips, R.A., Ramírez, I., Ramos, J.A., Ramos, R., Ronconi, R.A., Ryan, P.G., Schmidt, N.M., Sigurðsson, I.A., Sittler, B., Steen, H., Stenhouse, I.J., Strøm, H., Systad, G.H.R., Thompson, P., Thórarinsson, T.L., van Bemmelen, R.S.A., Wanless, S., Zino, F. and Dias, M.P. 2021. Multi-species tracking reveals a major seabird hotspot in the North Atlantic. Conservation Letters IF: 8.105

Dicks, L.V., Breeze, T.D., Ngo, H.T., Senapathi, D., An, J., Aizen, M.A., Basu, P., Buchori, D., Galetto, L., Garibaldi, L.A. and Gemmill-Herren, B., Howlett, B.G., Imperatriz-Fonseca, V.L., Johnson, S.D., Kovács-Hostyánszki, A., Kwon, Y.J., Lattorff, H.M.G., Lungharwo, T., Seymour, C.L., Vanbergen, A.J. and Potts, S.G. 2021. A global-scale expert assessment of drivers and risks associated with pollinator decline. Nature Ecology & Evolution. IF: 15.460

du Plessis, M., Seymour, C.L., Spottiswoode, C.N. and Coetzee, A. 2021. Artificial nectar feeders reduce sunbird abundance and plant visitation in Cape Fynbos adjacent to suburban areas. Global Ecology and Conservation 28. IF: 3.380

Eichenwald, A.J., Amar, A., Tyrrell, P., Buechley, E.R. and Virani, M.Z. 2021. Declines in an Augur Buzzard Buteo augur population in a region of increasing human development. Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution 9. IF: 4.171

Ferguson, A.J., Thomson, R.L., Nelson-Flower, M.J. and Flower, T.P. 2021. Conditioned food aversion reduces crow nest predation: an improved framework for CFA trials. Journal for Nature Conservation 60. IF: 2.831


Frugone, M.J., Cole, T.L., López, M.E., Clucas, G., Matos‐Maraví, P., Lois, N.A., Pistorius, P., Bonadonna, F., Trathan, P., Polanowski, A., Wienecke, B., Raya-Rey, A., Putz, K., Steinfurth, A., Bi, K., Wang-Claypool, C.Y., Waters, J.M., Bowie, R.K., Poulin, E., Vianna, J.A. 2021. Taxonomy based on limited genomic markers may underestimate species diversity of rockhopper penguins and threaten their conservation. Diversity and Distributions. IF: 5.139

Galloway, A.D., Seymour, C.L., Gaigher, R. and Pryke, J.S. 2021. Organic farming promotes arthropod predators, but this depends on neighbouring patches of natural vegetation. Agriculture, Ecosystems and Environment 310. IF: 5.567

Howes, C. and Reynolds, C. 2021. Absence of a Luxury Effect on bird alpha diversity in a rapidly developing African city, but surrounding landscape is key. Landscape and Urban Planning 213. IF: 6.142

Humphries, D.J., Nelson‐Flower, M.J., Bell, M.B., Finch, F.M. and Ridley, A.R. 2021. Kinship, dear enemies, and costly combat: The effects of relatedness on territorial overlap and aggression in a cooperative breeder. Ecology and Evolution. IF: 2.881

Jenkins, A. 2021. Gill Memorial Medal citation: David George Allan. Ostrich IF: 1.364

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Maclean, K., Weideman, E.A., Perold, V. and Ryan, P.G. 2021. Buoyancy affects stranding rate and dispersal distance of floating litter entering the sea from river mouths. Marine Pollution Bulletin 173. IF: 5.553

Mashapa, C., Mhuriro-Mashapa, P., Gandiwa, E., Muboko, N. and Chinho, T. 2021. The importance of buffer zones in woody vegetation conservation in areas that combine mega-fauna and anthropogenic disturbance: The case of Save Valley landscape, south-eastern Zimbabwe. Global Ecology and Conservation 26. IF: 3.380

McCarren, S., Coetzee, A. and Midgley, J. 2021. Corolla stickiness prevents nectar robbing in Erica. Journal of Plant Research. IF: 2.269

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Moagi, L.L., Bourne, A.R., Cunningham, S.J., Jansen, R., Ngcamphalala, C.A., Ganswindt, A., Ridley, A.R. and McKechnie, A.E. 2021. Hot days are associated with short-term adrenocortical responses in a Southern African arid-zone passerine bird. Journal of Experimental Biology 224. IF: 3.312

Moreras, A., Tolvanen, J., Morosinotto, C., Bussiere, E., Forsman, J. and Thomson, R.L. 2021. Choice of nest attributes as a frontline defense against brood parasitism. Behavioral Ecology. IF: 2.671

Muluvhahothe, M.M., Joseph, G.S., Seymour, C.L., Munyai, T.C. and Foord, S.H. 2021. Repeated surveying over 6 years reveals that fine‑scale habitat variables are key to tropical mountain ant assemblage composition and functional diversity. Scientific Reports 11(56). IF: 4.379

Ndlovu, M., Nampa, G., Joseph, G.S. and Seymour, C.L. 2021. Plant shade enhances thermoregulation of internal environments in Trinervitermes trinervoides mounds. Journal of Thermal Biology. IF: 2.902

Nebel, C., Amar, A., Hegemann, A., Isaksson, C. and Sumasgutner, P. 2021. Parental morph combination does not influence innate immune function in nestlings of a colour-polymorphic African raptor. Scientific Reports 11. IF: 4.379

Nebel, C., Sumasgutner, P., Rodseth, E., Ingle, R.A., Childs, D.Z., Curtis‐Scott, O. and Amar, A. 2021. Multigenerational pedigree analysis of wild individually marked black sparrowhawks suggests that dark plumage coloration is a dominant autosomal trait. Journal of Zoology. IF: 2.322

Nwaogu, C.J., Jarrett, C. and Helm, B. 2021. The biology of molt in birds. Ornithology. IF: 1.745

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Oswald, K.N., Smit, B., Lee, A.T., Peng, C.L., Brock, C. and Cunningham, S.J. 2021. Higher temperatures are associated with reduced nestling body condition in a range‐restricted mountain bird. Journal of Avian Biology. IF: 2.327

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Scott, S.L., Venter, Z.S., Petersen, H., Jack, S.L., Navarro, R.A. and Hoffman, M.T. 2021. Documenting changing landscapes with rePhotoSA: A repeat photography and citizen science project in southern Africa. Ecological Informatics. IF: 3.142

Shaw, J.M., Reid, T.A., Gibbons, B.K., Pretorius, M., Jenkins, A.R., Visagie, R. Michael, M.D. and Ryan, P.G. 2021. A large-scale experiment demonstrates that line marking reduces power line collision mortality for large terrestrial birds, but not bustards, in the Karoo, South Africa. Ornithological Applications 123. IF: 2.628

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Wilson, L.J., Hoffman, M.T., Ferguson, A.J. and Cumming, D.H. 2021. Elephant browsing impacts in a Zambezian Baikiaea woodland with a high density of pumped waterholes. Global Ecology and Conservation 31. IF: 3.380


Final Journal Published Papers

Abeyrama, D.K., Dempsey, Z.W., Ryan, P.G. and Burg, T.M. 2021. Cryptic speciation and population differentiation in the yellow-nosed albatross species complex. Conservation Genetics 22: 757–766 IF: 2.538

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