Conservation Biology Masters Students (2019/2020)

Kathryn Gardner





Kathryn grew up in KwaZulu Natal where, surrounded by lush vegetation, the warm ocean and troops of vervet monkeys, she developed a fervent fascination for nature. She completed a BSc in biodiversity and ecology at Stellenbosch University and then proceeded to her honours in 2017. Kathryn has a particular interest in animal behaviour and looked into the self-medicating activity of a fynbos ant species for her honours research project. She has a passion for animal welfare and encouraging the inherent link between nature and people. With the knowledge and skills acquired through the CB masters course, she hopes to focus on praxis orientated research aimed at promoting sustainable lifestyles.


Patterns in abundance and composition of invertebrates in Table Mountain National Park marine Protected Area. (Supervisors: Alison Kock and Colin Attwood)