Conservation Biology Masters Students (2019/2020)

Luke Wilson




Luke is a student from Zimbabwe who has been gripped by nature from a young age. Thanks to his grandfather, birds have always been his biggest area of expertise, though his interests extend across the spectrum of living organisms. He was fortunate to spend a lot of time in the bush growing up, allowing him to further his interest in and knowledge of the natural world. Luke also has a strong interest in the humanities, and completed a BSocSc in Environmental and Geographical Science (EGS) and Philosophy at the University of Cape Town in 2017, followed by Honours in EGS in 2018. In addition to his love of nature and desire to protect it, Luke has a deep interest in human upliftment and wellbeing. He hopes the Conservation Biology Masters will be useful for exploring ways in which the needs of both nature and humans can be satisfied. In his spare time, Luke enjoys walking, birdwatching and playing the piano.


A first assessment of the impacts of artificial waterholes in Zambezi National Park, Zimbabwe on surrounding vegetation. (Supervisors: Timm Hoffman, Angela Ferguson and David Cumming)