What to do with dead hadedas and glossy or sacred ibises...

10 Sep 2010 - 11:30

One of the projects postdoctoral researcher Dr Susie Cunningham is working on is a study of the sensory systems & bill-tip organ structure in ibises. Part of the project involves looking at the histological structure of their bills which means she is always looking for dead hadedas, and glossy or sacred ibises.

If you notice a dead hadeda on the road or spot a dead sacred or glossy ibis, please contact her so that she can collect it. Alternatively, if you're in a position to collect it yourself and bring it in, that would be greatly appreciated (Please use gloves and avoid contact with any blood or faecal matter as birds may be contaminated with avian influenza and/or other pathogens).

If you do pick up a bird and can't get it to UCT straight away, please DON'T freeze it as this damages the tissues at a microscopic level. Rather contact Susie and she will come and collect the bird provided the distance is not too great.

Contact details:

Dr Susie Cunningham can be contacted at 021 650 5932 or

Find out more about Susie Cunningham and her research.