On Promotion

Terres, J.K. 1996. The Audubon Society encyclopedia of North American Birds. New York: Wings Books 

"This first truly comprehensive one-volume encyclopedia contains 6,000 alphabetical entries and cross-references, including coloring and markings, songs, flying areas, habitats, and behaviors for 847 North American birds. 1,675 photos & illustrations, 875 in color." (Google Books)


Johnson, P. 1976. As free as a bird: birds of southern Africa. Cape Town : Struik 

"In the vital yet sensitive photographs of the internationally renowned wildlife photographer, Peter Johnson, we see the birds of southern Africa living their endlessly fascinating lives in the freedom of their natural environment. 

The text emphasizes the social and unusual - the living bird's adaptations for survival - rather than the clinically scientific; its aim is simply to fascinate.

As Free as a Bird is intended for pleasure - to be picked up at any time, opened at any page and enjoyed." (Blurb)


Austin, O.L., and Singer, A. ill. 1961. Birds of the world, a survey of the twenty-seven orders and one hundred and fifty-five families. New York. Golden Press.

"...birds of every kind represented - 300 in spectacular full color and 700 black-white adding detail information. Included is a double page full-color spread of the birds' eggs represented in this volume.'" (


Kemp, A., and Calburn, S. 1987. The owls of southern Africa. Cape Town: Struik

"Ornithologists and collectors of fine illustrated books will welcome the opportunity to acquire this comprehensive and beautiful monograph on a little-known but fascinating group of birds." (Blurb) 



Baker, R. (ed.) 1997. Reader's Digest spectacular world of Southern African birds. Cape Town: Reader's Digest

"The book is organised by natural regions. In each section you will see many of the species that live there, and find out how they live, how they court, how they hunt or, perhaps, how they raise their young... Each section is complemented by a special feature to provide even deeper insight into the spectacular world of our southern African birds." (Blurb)